How to Get Over Someone You Truly Love

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Not always a love story ends with a wedding and a happy end. Most couples break up under the weight of irreconcilable circumstances. Usually, it occurs on the initiative of one of the partners. All that remains is to reflect on the happy moments, complaining about fate. How to get over someone you love? Psychologists around the world conduct tests and experiments trying to find out the most acceptable ways. They even try to convince that love is only the action of hormones, and you should just wait to get over its loss. However, people who are experiencing the anguish of the breakup know that inaction is not enough. What is the best way to get over someone?

There are different types of personalities. One person can be only little shocked after a breakup, and it will be forgotten in a week. Another one can suffer due to this event, it can change their lives and make them feel temporarily depressed for years.

how to get over someone you love

How can you overcome withdrawal symptoms of love?

All our feelings, including the pleasure and pain of love, are due to the fact that the experienced emotions activate certain neurochemical systems of the brain. Your brain perceives a person you are in love with as a kind of drugs. If the situation runs out of control, and the person leaves you on their own initiative or because of certain circumstances, then you can experience something like "cold turkey" like drug takers who don’t get a fix.

In addition, any emotion in your body must be expressed and completed. If some strong emotion remains incomplete, then you will come back to this situation again and again. This unfinished situation not only takes away your energy but also hinders building a new relationship.

So, if you don’t know how to get over someone you love deeply, the following tips are just for you. How do you get over someone you still love?

Step # 1. Analyze the situation. Of course, there is chaos in your head. You can constantly think, "Why did she leave? What did I do wrong?" You try to find answers to each question, but they don’t exist. You begin to cherish the hope that she will realize her mistake, but, alas, she has taken the final decision. You should analyze the situation to deal with her choice. It is necessary to accept it and tell yourself the truth. She will not come back, so, you shouldn’t hope that your destinies will be interwoven one day again. You should forget her and start a new life.

Step # 2. Break the connection. Now, you shouldn’t open up old wounds, especially if you inadvertently saw her with another man. Distance yourself, imagine that you have never loved her. It was a long-term twist in your sobriety. Try to believe in that thinking about that all the time. If you can meet at work, take 3-5 days off to get your head together.

Step # 3. Delete her contacts. Eliminate all possible communication options. Is her number on a speed dial? Delete it! Do you look at her profiles on Facebook and Instagram? Unfriend her and add to the blacklist. In social networks, there is an option to delete your own profile, you can do that for several months. If it is possible, change your phone number. You will not constantly check the phone for messages or missed calls, so you will not put yourself on hold.

Step # 4. Get rid of memories. How to get over someone cheating on you? This stage consists in the destruction of "evidence." Throw away her T-shirts, notebooks, bathroom accessories, get rid of things that contain memories. Change the bed linen, throw away her things from the bedside table. Delete photos on the phone and computer. Create an image of a bachelor, now, the apartment should resemble a zone without women. Cover your tracks on social networks, delete the albums and profile photos with her. Down with sentimentality!

how to get over someone fastStep # 5. Communicate with friends. Try not to be alone for a long time, make new acquaintances, talk with old friends with whom you haven’t met for years. Regain your energy with the help of positive people. It is desirable to keep in touch with unfamiliar people, so you will not be tempted to discuss your relationship on a regular basis.

When a man starts dating a girl, often, he forgets about friends and meets very seldom with them. In a similar situation, show tact and invite your friends to have fun. Do not drink much alcohol, it will only aggravate the situation, and your true emotions will act out at the most inopportune moment. Choose bowling, billiards or go to the cinema, you should be on the move. Do you know how to get over someone most effectively? You should be tired when you come home, not being able even to think about the girl.

Step # 6. Find a hobby. How do you get over someone you still love? Do something you have never done. Get rid of routine, gradually get your life back. Go to the gym, train your muscles, and your athletic body will make the ex kick herself. Vengeance is sweet, isn’t it? Learn about extreme sports in your city, call your friends and ask to go skydiving. Adrenaline will help wade your cares away. Besides, there are more quiet classes, like a photography course, or you can start repairing the car in the garage.

Step # 7. Focus on something important. Strange as it sounds, a person can achieve unprecedented success when they are in a stressful situation. You should do your work more diligently. However, it is not necessary to work flat out. Do your best to find an outlet in everyday things. The constant employment will not leave space for thoughts about the girl.

Step # 8. Go on a trip. Do you think of drinking Czech beer? Go to Prague! If you don’t have enough money, it is not worth taking an expensive trip. Three-day tours are quite suitable. If you don’t like walking on the narrow streets and seeing the sights, go to the sea. Sunbathe for a few days, hang out by the pool and enjoy the all-inclusive program. People with a limited budget will be able to go camping with their friends. Do kebabs, sit by the fire and drink a bottle of beer. Smile wider and do not forget that after the rain the sun always shines.

Step # 9. Get to the point. If you have already got distracted, got rid of the actual memories, focused on work/study and visited new cities, it’s high time to get to the bottom. Realize that you can be happy without the girl. You shouldn’t try to remember her smell, voice or funny moments, just keep your mind off everything. Realize what is happening, you are no longer together. If she meets a man, do not worry, it means that you do everything right, trying to get over her. A new page of your life is close at hand. Beautiful and caring girls are still out there, you'll see it yourself.

Step # 10. Communicate with other women. How to get over someone fast? Pay attention to the lady who used to show her interest in you. Start a conversation, ask her out. Communicate, find positive qualities in her character. Do not discuss your ex-girlfriend – firstly, it will only spoil the date, secondly, you will look like a pathetic gossip. You can use European dating sites and chat virtually. The Internet offers a lot of opportunities, and electronic messages make communication frank.

Step # 11. Start a new life. It's time to move on. So, say goodbye to the past, stop running around in circles. Remember that nobody likes whiners and phlegmatic men, people prefer to communicate with those who energize. Be positive. If you need to change the apartment or get a new job, do that to make yourself sleep soundly. Set new and larger goals, strive for them, enrich yourself spiritually, develop materially. Start saving for a new car, any passionate desire makes a person move forward.

How to get over someone you never dated?

Non-reciprocal feelings can pose a heavy blow to the psyche and self-esteem. You can be upset, feel dissatisfaction with yourself and life right up to depression. You should get rid of such feelings as soon as possible. There are several tips on how to get over someone you love who doesn't love you.

1. Accept the fact that a girl doesn’t want to be with you. Check whether your story is similar to the classic relationship between two lovers. Recognition of the fact that your imaginary partner does not reciprocate you is a step towards a worthy way out of that.

2. Shift the focus away from the person. Distance yourself as far as possible from the object of your one-way love, choose a long-term journey with an informational detox. If, due to circumstances, it is impossible to avoid meetings, distance yourself mentally. Bring yourself to think about something or someone else. Reflect on something pleasant, for example, what are you still dreaming about? What do you want except for the notorious "happiness in your personal life"?

3. Find like-minded people. Your personal drama is not unique. Many people have faced unrequited love, and almost all have coped with it. Tell someone who was in your shoes, about your experiences. Carefully ask about things, which have helped them to get over the very person. Sometimes, it is enough to hear simple words, “I understand you, you’ll be okay.” However, do not make this topic a favorite one. If you constantly think about someone, it will be very difficult to get over.

4. Take care of yourself. There is a big risk of forgetting about yourself. Even if you have a heavy heart, even if you do not want to do anything at all, you should pay attention to your appearance and health. Brew a delicious and healthy herbal tea. Change your outfits or hairstyle. Do not start smoking and drinking alcohol as well as doing stupid and rash acts that endanger your health or even life.

how to get over someone cheating on you5. Go in for sports. There are many ways to bring emotions into balance. One of the most effective options is physical activity, it helps release negative energy. Run every morning, go the gym or start swimming.

6. Stop hoping in vain. There is nothing more devastating than waiting for a sudden interest of a person you are in love with, out of nowhere. A sober look at what is happening will help accept this fact.

7. Don’t get peeved. Failures, including personal ones, are a part of life. If something went wrong, this is not a reason to get angry at all representatives of that sex and hate yourself for imperfection. Believe that everything will work out in the best way just in few weeks. Wish anyone no evil because nobody is obliged to sacrifice oneself for your peace of mind.

How long does it take to get over someone?

One of the most popular questions is, “How long does it take to get over someone?” According to some scientists, you need 77 days to feel the beneficial effects of the breakup and start getting over a person. However, if you were in a long-term relationship, it might take more than 17 months to get over a partner. You will hardly meet two similar people, and the time for getting over depends on many factors, including the duration of relationships, the presence of children and your desire to break up.

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I know firsthand how difficult it can be to get over someone you have a crush on, and it may take a long time even if you follow all the mentioned tips coz a day seems an eternity.
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