How to Increase Libido Naturally: Comprehensive Guide

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When it comes to sexual health problems, men prefer to believe that they will never face these issues. Meanwhile, doctors draw attention to a bleak trend of increasing the number of men who desperately need a detailed examination and quality treatment of the advanced stage of sexual disorders. According to the statistics, 85% of patients suffer from erectile dysfunction, 10% complain about the lack of libido and about 40% suffer from premature ejaculation.

Constant stress, extremely hard rhythm of life that does keep you on your toes, workload, as well as family problems, have a negative impact on the intimate sphere of life. Despite the fact that the majority of men does not like to mention the intimate problems, they are still looking for effective means to increase the libido and potency, restore men's strength and feel a full-fledged person who can have sex without any restrictions and obstacles.

low libido in men

Everything you need to know about libido in men

What is libido in men? This term was introduced by Sigmund Freud. The psychoanalyst proved that it is a sexual attraction that determines human behavior and has a psychological beginning. Libido is responsible for the male power, the energy, which underlies the sexual drive and its expression both during sexual intercourse and before it. Libido arises at a subconscious level.

Do not confuse this concept with a potency which implies physiological possibilities. In other words, in the case of libido, you say, "I want," while in the case of potency, you say, "I can."

Libido shows how much you want to have sex with a woman and how often this desire can arise. Sexual attraction is based on the physiological activity of men. It depends on the hormonal background. Everybody has different levels of hormones. Therefore, their libido is also different.

Libido consists of psychological and physiological components. To begin with, it is necessary to figure out the physiological one. It is determined by the hormonal background and the number of male hormones, androgens which are produced by the adrenals and testicles. The most famous hormone that is responsible for the libido in men is testosterone. Its deficiency increases the level of female estrogen and progesterone, reducing sexual desire and negatively affecting both the libido and potency.

Talking about the psychological factor, everything is not so straightforward. It depends entirely on the mood of a man and his emotional state. In addition, a man’s temperament is very important because it plays one of the biggest roles in the arising of the desire to have sex.

Loss of libido in men

One of the problems of modern men is low sexual desire or its total loss. Both old men and young guys suffer from it. The libido is directly influenced by constant stress, lack of sleep, troubles at work, misunderstanding in personal life. Some men treat all the burdens of life with a slight bit of irony, so they do not experience sexual problems. Others treat every problem too seriously, and this primarily affects their libido.

Low libido in young men reduces their self-esteem and causes doubts about the male power. They don’t know how to boost libido and change the situation because they just cannot treat everything easier and cannot focus on failures.

Main causes of low libido in men

Many men highly appreciate their sexual activity which took place at the age of 16-17. However, after the upsurge, there is always a recession, and therefore, you should not be afraid of the fact that you have a reduced endurance. In youth, you worked "on doping," but you have grown up and faced many different challenges which worsened the psychological and physiological states. However, low libido in men is abnormal, so do not be happy that you have had a lot of time to draw your own comics or do astrophysics. Such issues can provoke the weight gain, hair loss and even the change in voice. All these are symptoms of low libido, which are visible for others. However, it is necessary to find the root cause of this problem and, in general, not to overlook your health condition.

how to increase your libido 1. General diseases. Low libido can be caused by diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems, disorders of the brain and nervous system, frequent colds. All diseases (not only acute and chronic forms) are dangerous and can lower the level of libido. Often, past medical history has a negative impact on the libido level after many years, for example, epidermal parotitis.

2. External genitalia injuries. External genitalia injuries lower libido in men. When the testicle functions are broken, sperm production is disrupted, as a result, the quality of erectile function and the level of sexual desire decrease.

3. Diseases of the male reproductive system. Such diseases are manifested by inflammatory or infectious processes. These are the main reasons for low testosterone in young men, which directly affect sexual desire.

4. Nervous dysfunctions. Most often, psychological problems are the main causes of low libido. They can appear not only at work but also in the relationship between you and your European girlfriend as well as in the inner world. Everything is stored in the brain, that’s why conflicts, personal troubles, stress, depression and lack of normal sleep reduce the body’s tone. Consequently, the production of testosterone and spermatozoa is reduced. At a young age, nerve dysfunctions slightly affect the level of libido. However, when you are over 40, you can face the effects of stress, which took place at a young age.

5. Bad habits. Alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs as well as overeating also affect the libido in men. Often, bad habits provoke problems that reduce sexual desire. For example, alcohol disrupts the circulation of blood in the body and destroys the neural connections. That’s why sexual activity and the desire itself is oppressed.

6. Prolonged sexual abstinence or too active sex life. The quality and frequency of sexual activity have an impact on the level of libido in the future. Low libido can be the result of prolonged sexual abstinence or multiple sexual relationships.

7. Use of many antibiotics and other potent pharmaceutical drugs. Everyone should remember that antidepressants, anabiotic steroids, and hormonal drugs have a number of side effects. Such drugs can cause erectile dysfunction as well as oppress your sexual desire. It seems that medications cannot inhibit the increased or normal libido, but this is misleading. After all, the effects of drugs are not local, it affects the functions of the whole body.

8. Age-related changes. Sexual desire in men lowers with age. The main cause is not the natural aging process of the body. Often, exhaustion with long-term illnesses reduces libido. The quality of sexual life can be improved by eliminating the cause of the low libido.

9. Watching porn. Pornography can develop psychological dependence, making usual sex seem boring and dull. Painful adherence to the visual image can develop a mania that will negatively affect your libido and, as a result, your sex life.

10. Other reasons. The causes of low libido can involve disorders at the gene level as well as physiological abnormalities of the spinal cord or genitals.

How to increase libido in men?

As a rule, men try to increase a level of their libido at home because usually, it is enough to correct the lifestyle and keep a diet. However, this option is suitable only for those who don’t have an erectile dysfunction because low libido can lead to impotence in the future. So, how to increase your libido, using only safe methods?

1. Keep a healthy diet. When you think about how to increase sex drive in men, you forget that, anyway, one of the most important things you should start with is healthy eating.

The body of a man should receive the daily norms of zinc, selenium, potassium, calcium, vitamins C, E. These components contribute to increased testosterone synthesis, normalization of blood pressure, increased blood flow to the penis. So, how to increase libido naturally? Do a healthy menu.

how to boost male libidoSome food products can replenish the body with essential vitamins and minerals for a full sexual life. Regular use of classical products like low-fat meat, vegetables, fruits, and seafood, which are rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as some microelements can significantly increase libido in men. Diet should be enriched with eggs (especially yolk), honey, milk, liver, citrus fruits, apples, nuts (especially walnuts and peanuts), oysters, legumes, and cereals.

Any vegetable oil has all the necessary spectrum of useful components. To increase libido, the best option is the regular use of linseed oil. The product is saturated with fatty acids, vitamin E, which are used to normalize the functions of the reproductive system of men.

2. Give up smoking and drinking much alcohol. If you don’t know how to improve libido, start with getting a grip on bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol deteriorate the blood supply of the genital organs and have a harmful effect on the entire body, causing a persistent lowering of libido over time. After returning to a healthy lifestyle, a normal level of libido is restored for several months.

3. Deal with other diseases. You shouldn’t neglect treatment of chronic diseases, especially if they are accompanied by pain syndrome. Any disease can negatively affect your libido. You should pay special attention to urological ailments. Such diseases as prostatitis or hemorrhoids can significantly reduce sexual desire and even lead to impotence over time. So, how to raise libido? You should deal with the chronic disease before you start looking for libido enhancers for men.

4. Cope with stress. In today's world, it is difficult to keep calm. It turns out that you can experience stress not only at work but at home as well. Learn to ignore the bad news that is shown on TV or on the Internet. Leave all the problems concerning working moments behind the threshold of your house. However, if you are not able to deal with the stress alone, schedule a counseling session with a psychotherapist or psychologist. The expert will help identify the origins of the problem and will indicate the most probable ways to solve it. If you are looking for the tips on how to increase libido in men quickly, but you don’t want to take any pills, try to eliminate the consequences of psychological trauma, and you will increase your libido very quickly.

5. Go in for sports. Regular physical activity will cheer you up, improve the external and internal state and help get rid of stress. Taking into account the psychological aspects of the problem, you should remember that you need to constantly train to change the situation dramatically. How to boost male libido? Run or take a walk in the fresh air.

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I go in for sports on a regular basis and I can say that it affects my sex life very positively. I became much more resilient in sex and physically attractive to my girlfriend.
11.02.2020 23:37
I go in for sports on a regular basis and I can say that it affects my sex life very positively. I became much more resilient in sex and physically attractive to my girlfriend.
02.03.2020 10:23
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