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From innocuous and widely practiced to bizarre, frankly gross and even terrifying, you can come across hundreds types of fetishes out on the Internet.

Human brain is still an unexplored and funny (for real?) mechanism and there can be no firm proof of this fact than a truly endless list containing numerous types of sexual fetish existing in the world of flesh pleasures. Some people may be confused with what is a sexual fetish and what is considered just a freaky kink. To make a long story short, a fetish is a broader concept. While individuals who prefer, for example, spanking could be called freaks, the others who simply can’t imagine their sex life without it – are in full fetish mode.

what is a sexual fetish

No one can surely say why so many people choose fetishes, but a great deal of the speculation claims that it can be a result of some most pleasant childhood memories and experiences that human brain has intuitively come to connect with physical pleasure. Fetishes can also be associated with feelings, like pleasure from tickling or, vice versa, pain from being beaten up. It can feature domination and submission, pieces of clothing, various objects, tastes, smells and what not. Where most of us may feel inconvenience, discomfort or simply disgust, fetishists are all about those and their brains read all these inputs as sexual pleasure.

So, here are some common and weird fetishes for your reading pleasure!

What is a sexual fetish and how it works: psychological insight

So, what is a fetish? The sexual fetish definition signifies sexual excitation summoned by an object or a part of human body that is not traditionally sexual like shoes or nails. Fetishes are acknowledged to be more often used by males.

Most people having definite fetishes may be having an object of their sexual desire at hand or are usually fantasizing about such, whether on their own or accompanied by romantic partners to get sexually stimulated and reach an orgasm. An individual with a fetish may please himself/herself while holding, smelling, rubbing or tasting this thing. Or he/she can make a partner use or wear it during an intercourse. As it was already stated, people may “fetishize” nearly any object.

According to a recent social research, the most widely spread fetishes include body parts and even parameters, such as body fat, piercing and tattoos. Feet are the most popular fetish by far. Fluids, figure sizes, and hairstyles aren’t really far behind. Right after body parts come things people usually wear. Footwear together with the underwear is ranked right behind.

Fetish can engage the feel of a particular material, traditionally leather and latex may also be common. Somebody likes playing some sexual fetish stories dressing their sex partners in furry costumes.

Most common fetishes

most common sexual fetishA list of sexual fetish items includes some kinds of fetishes which are actually ghoulish, harmful, immoral and even illegal. Yet most of those are completely harmless, no matter how they are applied. As long as they’re used by adults, do no cause harm to others and do not require the use of animals or children – they are most likely alright. So, bearing all that in mind, here you got – top 6 most common sexual fetish objects along with 5 really crazy and strange ones to absolutely blow your mind!

1. Body parts

  • Feet. This is by far the top sexual fetish involving body parts, used especially by men. It is simply because feet lead to legs, which in turn lead to the sacred zone.
  • Ears. There can be nothing else to arouse sexual passion for many people than a gentle and soft touch with the lips on their ear.
  • Hair. Hair of gorgeous females has proven to be a major man-attracting feature. Even some guys tend to go bald to receive the women’s appreciation.

2. Underwear

In accordance with a sexual fetish survey, this one is also a common item to become a fetish. Some men were once caught digging through their women’s pieces of underwear in the washing machine just to satisfy their sexual needs. Some personalities can obtain sexual content by putting on certain kinds of opposite sex’s underwear. Others may experience sexual arousal while observing and touching particular pieces of underwear worn by other person or by watching a person taking it off what can follow to the act of voyeurism.

3. Voyeurism

This scientific term means receiving sexual pleasure from spying on others. As a rule, having a fetish object or something you receive pleasure from as long as it does not interfere with the moral norms is not viewed as an issue. However, if a person’s behavior appears to cause the discomfort for people around, it may be a perfect time to look for professional help. Fetishes, like any other thing, can easily grow into a mental disorder if the individual starts feeling completely powerless to control his/her actions.

4. Spanking

Another widely known item of “fetishing” is spanking. Both males and females can be into it usually involves a desire to spank someone or be spanked. In any case, there’re feelings of pain and humiliation involved, as well as dominating or submitting. A mild spank while having sex can bring tons of fun, yet fetishists still use to bend their partners over the knee slapping them like a naughty kid.

5. Tights

Hundreds of people are instantly turned on by a view of fitting latex or leather leggings. The lovers of tight clothes may enjoy having their partners wear those items. It can be either look or the feel or smell of the material that pulls the strings of sexual desire for such people. For the girls reading: if you happen to meet a guy who is a real fan of Catwoman – you know what to do!

top sexual fetish6. Active games

Whether it is BDSM or bondages, domination or submission – it is always about dynamism and often - pain. It may be considered a sexual food fetish as well if it involves covering the body of your partner with whipped cream and then licking it off. This fetish is pretty popular and there is a probability you may be sometimes engaged in this kind of games. Yes, the fluffy pink handcuffs your partner likes to fasten you with count too! But the true hardcore sex fans go for some truly shocking activities in sex dungeons, much more astonishing than ones in “50 Shades of Grey”. Ouch!

Rare and strange sexual fetishes

If you think these 6 common fetishes above are enough weird personally for you, you’d better get yourself ready for this part of the article! Next are 5 totally freaky fetishes to make you revise your life priorities!

1. Insect blanket

As weird and mad as the whole concept may seem, it can barely be surprising for people practicing it two or three times a week! Formicophilia (for you to train the pronunciation) is probably the most harmless and least strange sexual fetish (from the animals’ point of view, actually) but this one is undoubtedly the most unusual.

The formicophiliac (train it!) tends to derive sexual delight from making different insects crawl over his/her body and sometimes from having all those creepy crawlies go for an occasional bite. While this one is clearly an uncommon fetish, if you’re about to date a fan of this, you need to be ready for the bees to accompany you two on a date. Your lover will easily bring his little friends in a box to share your romantic evening!

2. Teddy bears

A small minority, at the same time, might find this incredible method of sexual stimulation extremely arousing. If you consider yourself one of those individuals, to get horny by Mr. Ted, then you have all chances to be an ursusagalmatophiliac (yeah, yeah, one more long word) – a person who can receive sexual stimulation by… teddy bears! While most of us keep our teddy bear-connected biography facts to the privacy of our bedrooms, others are far more talkative about it. Real life fact: the American citizen Charles Marshall was brought to the police station after having an intercourse with a teddy bear in public.

3. Bad boy

If you are a guy who is constantly having issues finding a decent European girlfriend, the only way to guarantee an interest from any woman is to step on the criminal path. Take it easy, we’re kidding you! Anyway, while many females are often attracted to the “bad boy”-type of men, some others take it really serious and find interest only in hardened outlaws. Aka the “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”, this creepy sexual fetish involves many fans of this method to send messages to dangerous high-profile criminals incarcerated in jails. The main explanation of why some people get aroused by, for instance, rapists suggests that with a person like that at least you will know there is someone on the planet to be always thinking about you.

weird sexual fetish4. Achoo!

Mucophiliacs are those who gain sexual satisfaction by sneezing. The scientific explanation of this weird sexual fetish sounds like that: sneezing has an orgasmic-close kind of feeling. It is a total loss of self-control, an outburst and a relief at the same time, which, in its way, parallels coming. You can find a full-size online forum, called Sneeze Fetish Forum, devoted to people sharing their erotic “achoo” life stories and providing some type of support for all the mucophiliac society.

5. Motors…motors…beautiful cars!

Certain kinds of sexual fetishes, no matter how weird and plain disgusting they are, appear to be practiced with complete discretion and do not neglect drawing the attention of the publicity (and local authorities too). One such fetish can be mechanophilia. It usually refers to personalities who find sexual pleasure in different vehicles and mechanisms.

For instance, in the UK a man was arrested for making love to his Land Rover in front of many occasional passers-by. This dude had a previous conviction for an attempt to satisfy his sexual desire with a vending machine in a shop. In the US another man affirmed to have “humped” over 1000 cars.

Final thoughts

No one denies that sex is a superior personal experience and some sexual fetishes are something not everyone can understand and even think about. There are hundreds of really weird things some people prefer do during (or instead) normal sex. Yet we’re no one to judge for that. And at the same time, there are ones where the only possible reaction can be a bewildered “What?!”. From the love for being stung by bees to banging teddy bears, people’s intimate preferences sometimes suggest the oddest of ever imagined. And do you or your partner have a fetish? Which one? Or have you ever known a person with an unusual fetish of his/her own?

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Nowadays people who don’t have any fetishes seem weirder than those who have them. The world has turned upside down, and if nothing special turns you up then it’s strange.
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