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Nature endowed people with the ability to experience sexual attraction. The great psychoanalyst Freud designated the unconscious drives of a sexual nature by the term libido. His great disciple Jung extended this notion: he suggested that libido should be regarded as psychic energy, depriving it of exclusively sexual nature. I think no one will challenge the theories of great scientists who argued that libido largely determines the quality of a person’s life, makes it more complete and bright. That’s why the question of how to improve sex drive is not just small talk, especially if the ability to experience sexual desires begins to fade.

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What you need to know about male sex drive and libido

Sexual attraction (libido) is the desire to have sexual intercourse in order to enjoy, discharge, and procreate. Also, the desire to enter into a sexual relationship can be a means of self-affirmation or compensation for other activities.

It’s not a secret that sexual attraction is an individual concept. Most people tend to have sexual intimacy with the opposite sex, but there are those who are attracted to the people of their sex. The intensity of libido in a person can be changed under the influence of external events or internal states. These differences are explained by the fact that sexual desire depends on genetic characteristics, the structure of the brain, work of the endocrine system, age, individual personality traits, and upbringing.

What causes low sex drive in males

Today, there are several main factors under the influence of which the development of this disorder occurs:

Mental reasons. They include regular stress at work and at home, the lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, and depressive conditions. Most men don’t perceive constant emotional shaking as a threat to their health, although its influence on the quality of sexual life is very high. Sometimes the cause is physiological problems: sexual failures contribute to the development of self-doubt and fear of sex, which, in turn, affects male sex drive.

male low sex driveHormonal imbalance. This is one of the most common reasons that increase male libido. It is known that the desire directly depends on the amount of testosterone in the body. The highest rate of male hormone is observed at the age of 30 years.

Diseases. Risk factors also include the presence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, brain, endocrine system.

Bad habits. The oppressive effect on male libido can be caused by bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol, and drugs.

Medication. Some components of medicine can lead to low male sex drive. First of all, this refers to steroids, hormones, and antidepressants. The danger of these medications is that they cause irreversible changes in the body, which can’t be eliminated.

Random sexual activity. This can also lead to the development of male low sex drive. In this case, the negative consequences can appear because of excessive activity or, vice versa, long periods of abstinence.

These seven facts will help understand the essence of our sexual desires:

Libido and hormones. Sexual desire is regulated by hormones that are called testosterone (male sex hormone) and estrogen (female hormone). Both hormones are produced in the bodies of both men and women. Estrogens have a much weaker effect on the sex drive. Therefore, men are usually more sexually active than women. Their libido is less dependent on health and mood. And in women, the desire for intimacy and excitability depend on the menstrual cycle.

The formation of sexual function is also affected by the hormone prolactin – when it increases, libido decreases. In women, this naturally occurs during pregnancy and lactation. But, in other cases, the increased prolactin levels may be a sign of a serious illness in both men and women. In addition, the hormones of the thyroid and adrenal glands also affect sexual attraction.

The power of DNA. Weak sexual attraction is not necessarily pathology. It may be caused by genes. Israeli scientists evaluated attraction and excitement of 150 young men and women. In addition, all volunteers took the DNA test. It turned out that the level of sexuality is connected with the D4 gene. Thus, participants with an increased sexual attraction had a particular variation of the D4 in their DNAs, and those, who had decreased sexual attraction, had another structure of the D4 gene (by the way, 60%).

Influence of aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are the so-called products that help kindle a desire and are nice sex drive boosters for males. Effective aphrodisiacs are avocados, lobsters, oysters, bananas, chocolates, almonds, hot peppers, and many other foods that increase sex drive in males. The effect of aphrodisiacs is explained by the content of substances in them that increase the level of testosterone, improve the blood flow to the genital organs, and adjust to the “right wave” before sex.

Medicines. The decrease in libido may be due to the intake of hormonal contraceptives. These drugs have an effect on testosterone, the role of which is described above. Moreover, the side effect can be observed after some time after stopping to take them. Other drugs that include tranquilizers, antipsychotics, diuretics, and some drugs for hypertension and diabetes can reduce sexual desire in both men and women.

improve sex driveProblem is in the head. Great importance for the power of libido is played by the psychological state. Bad education, stress, anxiety, the struggle for high social status, and conflicts in a family depress testosterone production. On the other hand, the feeling of happiness and well-being increases sexual activity.

Physique and climate. Anthropological features of men and climatic conditions in which they live also affect the power of sexual attraction. For example, it is believed that brunettes and men of medium height have a stronger libido than blondes and tall people. On the other hand, sexual desire and excitement depend on weight: it is always stronger in thin men. Also, for example, the bright sexual temperament of Italians and Armenians (in comparison with the Germans and Estonians) can be related to the warm climate in which they live.

Libido can be measured. A scientist from the hospital in Haifa (Israel) proposed a method for measuring the human sexual drive. The method is based on monitoring the change in the frequency of brain impulses. In the course of the experiment, scientists compared how much the reaction of the human brain changes while watching erotic scenes compared to pictures on neutral topics.

Usually, sexual desire is not limited to the desire for sex but manifests itself in the need for tenderness, affection, desire for embraces, and so on.

Proven ways to increase male sex drive

Proven methods of people and recent medical developments can improve sex drive. There are effective ways and methods for each specific situation.

Ways to improve sex drive:

Sport is an opportunity to improve your sex drive naturally

Men, who have thought about how to improve sex drive, should know that physical activity can help with this issue, improving the work of all systems of the human body, including the sexual one. Regular physical activities allow you to fight fatigue, improve hormonal balance, increase the level of testosterone, and strengthen immunity. Also, it is preferable to walk barefoot on a sandy beach or in massage slippers. There are three points on the soles of the feet and you can influence the libido influencing them.

Some products influence sexual desire

First of all, it will be necessary to make changes in the diet and habitual way of life. Many centuries ago it was noticed that the property of some products influenced sexual desire. What products and dishes should be introduced in the daily menu?

  • For example, honey brings positive effect on sexual function.
  • Oriental peoples used ginger for this purpose. It was believed that the root of the plant increases the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • Regular consumption of olives will help restore the hormonal balance.
  • Seafood dishes also should be added to the daily menu. Sea fish, laminaria, mussels, shrimp – all this can be used as ingredients and natural ways to boost sex drive.
  • Various condiments. Pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and coriander are the best ones.improving sex drive
  • Food should be supplemented with high zinc foods (pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sesame, and beef liver).
  • Improving sex drive, men can drink herbal teas and decoctions of rosemary, blueberries, sage, linden, and aloe.

Some foods that are hard to digest have a negative effect on sexual desire. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat them before the planned sex.

It should be remembered that sexual desire directly depends on fatigue. So, a man needs a full sleep and regular rest. It is also necessary to give up bad habits.

Some recipes of traditional medicine can help improve male sex drive. Those men, who are wondering how to increase male libido without the use of medications, should try traditional medicine. Modern pharmaceutics offers many drugs that increase libido in men. But it should be remembered that all synthetic drugs have only a temporary effect and some contraindications. The effect of such drugs manifests within half an hour and lasts up to four hours. Thanks to its active substances, it can make intimacy unique. However, a well-known drug has contraindications and side effects.

It is good to take a short vacation and go away from home and work for a few days. If your job doesn’t allow you to relax, has a disastrous effect on sexual desire and keeps you in constant tension, then it makes sense to change this job. Everyone should choose – work or sexual relations.

If a man is not in a legal relationship, it is worth changing a sexual partner. How to boost sex drive? Try to find a new sex partner. This can radically change sex life and attraction.

Eastern treatment for the lack of male libido. There are many ways to enhance sex drive. Of course, treatment is selected individually, but here some of them:

  • One partner touches another but doesn’t make contact with the genitals.
  • Both partners touch each other also without contact with the genitals.
  • It is forbidden to put your main organ into a woman. You just can touch genitals.
  • The main men’s organ can be put into a woman but without body movements.

The main thing in improving libido is that people should realize this problem. This awareness gives an incentive to treatment. To begin with, it is necessary to try to change the lifestyle – adjust diet, increase sleep and rest time, abandon bad habits, and do sports. If this doesn’t work, a man should ask his doctor for help. He will determine the source of the problem and make up a treatment plan that will improve male low sex drive.
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