Sensual Erotic Massage: Best Tips and Techniques

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What Is an Erotic Massage?

What is an erotic massage? It is a special kind of massage that helps show your love for a partner and make them relax, as well as excite them for sex to come and get unforgettable sensations for both of you.

The goal of sensual massage is arousal. But before that, you also need to relax your partner, a proper erotic massage requires lots of preparation since a person should be relaxed before it. Therefore, before starting, it is useful to take a warm bath. A good option to get her in the mood is joint bathing.

what is an erotic massage

A man cannot be called a real lover in bed if he isn’t capable of making a sensual massage for his woman with an ending! Not many men know the art of erotic massage, only a few have the ability to make an erotic massage to a woman and let her have an orgasm in the process.

The process is quite difficult, as we’ve said, but let’s take it step by step. In the beginning, it is necessary to carry out preparatory activities because a woman’s sexual massage consists of several stages!

And so, European women have a delicate mental organization by nature, therefore, a sensual massage should be done in an intimate setting. It is recommended to create a romantic, intimate atmosphere! For this, it is worthwhile to start intriguing a woman for a long time before the process itself, send her a text message with a hint that a pleasant surprise is waiting for her in the evening, or tell her by phone, anyway, she should anticipate this moment.

Now when you have found the answer to the question, "What is a sensual massage?" let’s dig into the process of performing one.

How to Give an Erotic Massage?

How to give an erotic massage? Like all processes in the world, it begins with preparation. Let’s say you have intrigued a beloved woman, then you should make sure that no one will be in your way during the process of the sensual erotic massage, you should be absolutely alone in your apartment, and nothing, I repeat, NOTHING should distract you from the process. Turn off all of the phones, TVs, computers, even the doorbell. While a woman is not home yet, prepare a small romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, various cheeses, and fruits, as well as a place for an intimate massage and massage oil. The best erotic massage is the one that won’t get interrupted.

Intimate massage should be performed on a soft, moderately hard surface, in a warm room without drafts. You will need a sofa or a thick blanket on the floor, also take a cushion or a thick pillow in order to place it under the woman’s buttocks for better access to her genitals. The surface on which a girl will lie should be extremely soft, it is very important for the entire process, nothing should interfere with her comfort. Otherwise, it will end before you start it. Make sure her head is comfortable, and she doesn’t have to constantly turn it from side to side. sensual massage techniquesTo do this, it is not necessary to get a special table, however, if you have one in store – that would be great. Usually, it is enough to remember the basic laws of physics and ask her to lie in such way so that the jaw and neck envelop the very edge of the bed, and the head hangs slightly down, this way she will feel comfortable through the entire process of erotic touching.

How to Choose the Oil?

You have 2 possible options if you decide to make her an erotic oil massage:

  • Buy a special oil at a store.
  • Make it yourself.

If you do not want to risk by making it yourself and you prefer the first option, then Ylang-Ylang oil or Sandalwood oils are well suited for this purpose. Both have a soothing effect that will be of great help to you in the process. If you are going to make it yourself, then you need to mix 2 oils. The first is the base oil (apricot, grape or almond). The second is an essential oil. Mix in proportion - 2-3 drops of essential oil per 5 grams (teaspoons of base oil). Put a plastic wrap under the sheet on which a girl will lie so that the oil does not go into the mattress or whatever the surface is. If you do not have such a wrap, then try not to spend a large amount of oil so that it won’t get absorbed by your couch or bed.

How to Do It?

A sensual massage for women should start with a light relaxing hand massage. Gradually move your arm in the direction of her chest. But do not rush to immediately massage her breasts – start from her legs. Go from her ankles, move toward her thighs. But do not rush here! Let her think that you will start massaging her ass very soon. But she should not get it right away, make her wait for it. It is better to gradually increase the tension and bring her to such a state that she will absolutely implode with excitement and arousal when you do come to her genitals.

The back is that part of the body on which you can press a little harder than on everything else. The pressing and twisting movements in the area of the back and, in particular, the shoulders and neck, will give a woman great pleasure and relieve tension. The movements themselves are best done in a clockwise direction. It has been proven that such movements stimulate the right thought processing and get her even more excited.

If you want to make her not an ordinary massage but an erotic one, it’s best not to knead her like dough, but to lightly touch her, without any pressure. Also, it is important to kiss all parts of her body in the massage. It is important to pick the right pace at which you will have to go.

You can, of course, try to spice things up, use fruits and various sex toys. But you should do it only if you are 100% sure that she likes it. But if you do not know, then you should not look up to porn movies and smear the girl with cream. Some girls may not appreciate this originality as much as others.

All men know how women's breasts react to the touch of a large, warm hand of a man. It is better not to rub the breasts but to lightly touch them with the movements of your hand from the base of the breast to the nipple. Do not twist the nipples, during an erotic massage, light kisses and strokes are the way to go. You should not press on a girl’s stomach, this won’t cause her any pleasure, it may even cause her discomfort if she just had dinner before the massage. Therefore, you should lightly stroke the tummy and kiss it.

The last stage of an erotic massage is mostly up to you, we know that this may sound disappointing, but if you want to give her as much pleasure as possible, then you should know how her body works, how does she like it. Sensual massage, in many ways, serves as foreplay to sex, or at least, to female ejaculation. In order to be good in erotic massaging one should be good at sex and know their partner’s personal wishes and desires.

Sensual massage of the genital lips and vulva requires great care because the tissue is very delicate. Your fingers should be relaxed so as not to cause pain. The touches should be tender and teasing.

Now you are capable of performing an erotic massage for a girl. Finally, here’s the most important secret. You must be in a highly excited state and be in the right mood to bring her all of that pleasure. And for this, you should probably give up porn for about a week in advance, it will make you even more engaged in the process. The girl will feel your over-excited state and get even more pleasure from the massage.

Also, keep in mind that there are lots of erotic massage videos to be found online. Now that you know how to make an erotic massage for women, check out these popular erotic massage techniques.

Erotic Massage Techniques

how to give an erotic massageSpecialists know dozens of special massage techniques. Some of them are advanced forms of ancient art, others have been only recently developed. Here are the most famous sensual massage techniques.

The art of Thai body massage. This Asian erotic massage technique is popular due to the incredible sensations that it gives to a body, from the fingers to the head. Masseurs use their body parts in the process.

Various aqua massages. It is done in the bathroom with fragrant foam. All of the foam and fragrance of the process will have a positive effect on a girl’s experience.

Tantric massage technique. It is directed on the genitals, with simultaneous stimulation of other zones. No tantric massage is complete without oil, various incenses and all sorts of pieces of Indian culture may get involved to enhance the process. The atmosphere of unhurried touch and interweaving of naked bodies makes this technique as great as it is.

The “Sakura Branch.” This erotic Asian massage is quite popular among the fans of oral sex, as lips, tongue and even teeth are heavily involved in this technique. Sensations of erotic Japanese massage in erogenous zones are characterized by their power and diversity.

Various techniques that utilize water and gel. During a massage with water and gel, a masseur uses all of the parts of their body to bring as much pleasure to their client as possible.

Sex After the Massage: Why and Why Not

Not every woman will be able to withstand a proper erotic massage, she will surely get horny and will require sex even before you finish massaging her. However, be patient, do not give in for her begging and keep on arousing her, the longer you arouse her – the more pleasure she will get from the eventual sex.

Why: it is the right continuation of an erotic massage, it is what her body will desire, and it is what it’s been waiting for.

Why not: the entire process of massaging is focused on giving your woman as much pleasure as possible, but in sex – both parties will have to get satisfied, and this may take away the overall enjoyment. Erotic massage brings all of the attention, love and caring on one person, it is the time that you spend worshiping your woman’s body, not your own, you should remember this.

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My girlfriend is crazy about massage and constantly asks me to give it to her. Thanks to your tips, I know what massage techniques I will use next time. She will be excited!
12.02.2020 00:26
My girlfriend is crazy about massage and constantly asks me to give it to her. Thanks to your tips, I know what massage techniques I will use next time. She will be excited!
02.03.2020 10:53
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