What Makes a Woman Fall in Love with You?

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What Makes a Woman Fall in Love with You?

A girl is constantly on your mind, and you do not know how to win her heart, do you? There are many social stereotypes because of which some guys cannot make a girl love them. Moreover, a man and a woman are arranged in different ways, so it may be simply difficult for people to understand each other. If you want to find out how to get a girl to fall in love with you, there are some good tips on how to arouse her interest.

make her love you

How Love Works

First of all, let’s consider what love is and how women fall in love. In principle, most dictionaries agree that love is a feeling of attachment to someone, characterized by the flood of positive emotions and delight in the presence of an object of adoration. But this is the same thing as trying to define the word “house” – naturally, this is a building where a person is living, but for someone, the house is a palace on the seashore, and for others, it is a roof with a bedding in the forest or a gazebo in the park. That is, a definition is one thing, and meaning is another. And each of us has their understanding of love. For some people, it means hugs and sincere confessions, and for others, it is about expensive gifts. But how does love work?


The mechanism of love is the simplest: your genes (DNA) want to live forever. And this is possible only if you produce the offspring. Therefore, in the presence of a person suitable for reproduction, your body begins to release large amounts of hormones (neurotransmitters), which give you very pleasant feelings. The closer you are to an object of love, the more neurotransmitters are released into your blood, so the more pleasant sensations you experience. The largest number of neurotransmitters is released during the physical contact with a loved one: the more your bodies touch, the higher the dose of hormones is.

The secreted hormones are similar in action to hard drugs. How strong is their action? For example, a low concentration of certain neurotransmitters in the blood

causes depression, and it can even lead to suicide. So love is just an increased concentration of neurotransmitters that cause euphoria.


Every person has noticed that sometimes, they can identify what their loved one feels and thinks about at a certain moment. Such a mental connection between lovers consists of the energy exchange, which originates even at the physical level. Then this synchronization between the partners progresses on the spiritual, emotional, and mental levels. Mental connection with a loved one is considered the 4th stage of relationships, when there is mutual understanding, the value of each other, and the ability to read the thoughts and feelings of a partner. There are 3 main aspects that contribute to a strong mental connection between a man and a woman:

  • ability to listen and hear the partner;
  • empathy, help, and support of each other in difficult times;
  • respect to a loved one.

Mechanics of Lovewhat makes a woman intriguing to a man

  • Everyone has a certain “type” of appearance that they like. This type is inherent and often resembles the appearance of a parent of the opposite sex.
  • If you consider a person attractive (your “type”) and you think that they may like you too, then the sympathy arises – a small number of hormones are released, especially when you are close to each other or meet women now.
  • If you touch your beloved one or look into their eyes, your body produces a large number of neurotransmitters, you can even feel “weak at the knees” (“love at first sight”).
  • With mutual sympathy and a long time spend together, you become addicted to a loved one: you need this person to experience pleasant hormonal intoxication, as a drug addict needs a dose. In the absence of the beloved, you experience the symptoms of "withdrawals." Thus, you become a drug for each other.
  • Such a crazy hormonal cocktail is released by your body only during a certain period that is physiologically necessary for conceiving a child, usually, it is 6-18 months. Thereafter, the concentration of neurotransmitters causing euphoria is reduced to a very low level. Only neurotransmitters of compatibility are regularly produced by your body (the same reaction will be caused by meeting an old friend). This is exactly the moment when the pink-colored glasses fall and people in love begin to notice the downsides of each other.

What Does Love Depend On?

Love depends on the combination and interaction of the four hormones: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen. That is, one or another hormone is responsible for each model of behavior.

Dopamine is responsible for our mental and emotional responses and leadership skills. It is considered to be a hormone of dedication and concentration and is produced in the body at the beginning of romantic relationships.

Serotonin is a hormone of happiness that helps people keep a positive outlook. The main function of this hormone is mood improvement. If the body lacks this substance, it may lead to depression and hypochondria.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. Also, it is present in women but in smaller amounts. Testosterone is considered to be a hormone of sexual desire in both sexes. It is responsible for expressing passionate love.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that creates a feeling of tenderness. Men also produce estrogen, but in much smaller amounts than the representatives of the fair sex. This hormone is responsible for women's characteristics: breast size, body shape, and the distribution of subcutaneous fat.

Roles in love

Man and woman have their roles in love, which are associated with physiological and psychological differences. First of all, a man is the breadwinner and the head of the family, who protects his loved ones and provide for them. A woman is often responsible

for comfort, coziness, and family well-being. She is the preserver of the hearth, who cares for beloved man and children. The roles of men and women in a couple are equally important for relationships. Otherwise, it is impossible to build strong happy relationships with single ladies online.

Traits that will make a woman love you

What qualities do women value in men? Why some men do not enjoy success with girls, while others are in great popularity with the fair sex? By nature, females choose strong and healthy males. And women pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the inner world of men. If you want to enjoy great success among women and find the girl of your dreams, then you will be interested to find out about the traits that can make a woman love you.


If you are convinced that women need only diamonds, expensive jewelry, and resort-style relaxation, then get this mess out of your head. Women love caring men who will stop at nothing for the sake of the beloved. Therefore, every man should be able to take care of a woman. This is what makes a woman love a man so much. All girls want to feel safe. Such a feeling of reliability makes them calm and happy. What care do women expect from their chosen ones? Attention to their emotions, experiences, desires, and needs, and the ability to listen, support in difficult times, and help in solving complex life issues.


If a man is well built, dresses well, and looks after himself but lacks self-confidence, then he is unlikely to have crowds of adoring fans. No one attracts women as much as a confident man. It is a man who feels the master of the world, critically evaluates his strength and capabilities, and always achieves what he wants. So, you should develop self-confidence if you want to find a good girlfriend.

The ability to compliment

Speaking about what women like in men, one cannot fail to mention the romantic natures. Moreover, romantics can be found even among the hooligans since it is a state of mind and not a separate quality of a person. A romantic man is sensual, tender, and passionate. He knows how to express his thoughts and make romantic surprises. Girls love candlelit dinners, romantic walks, and tender gifts. Moreover, all women are pleased to hear compliments from a beloved man. They consider the ability to compliment one of the distinctive qualities of a true gentleman. This is what makes a woman intriguing to a man.


An ambitious man is a successful man. A girl will be happy to catch up on new ideas and initiatives of a beloved man, but to do this, she must be sure that he will not give up everything. If not, she will stop believing in him, and thus, in herself. To develop self-determination, you should learn how to set the right goals, as well as learn to control yourself and stay the course.


A man should be able to rely on himself and his abilities, be independent, mature, and wend his way through life without using other people for “a pair of crutches.” Women like independent men who live their lives and stand on the legs. Such people show courage and enterprise and do not stop halfway, realizing their plans.

How to Make Her Love You

Sooner or later, every guy wonders, "How to make her fall in love?" If you are attracted to someone and want your love to be mutual, then be sure you can achieve this! All you need to do is to follow the simple tips.

Be persistenthow to make a woman fall for you

Women love when men make efforts to draw their attention. If you want to make her love you, be persistent and do not give up after the first refusal. It is better to think out why it happened, you should find the reason why the girl refused you and figure out

what you did wrong. Analyze your mistakes, improve the communication skills with the opposite sex, and make another attempt to win the heart of a girl you like. Also, you can consider these tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you. After all, life is short! Do not give up, be persistent, and you will manage to get a girl!

Do not go beyond decency

It's no secret that european women dream of a knight in shining armor and believe that men should be gentlemen. Even at the first meeting, a woman will appreciate the behavior and manners of a man: friendliness, good breeding, and the desire to help. All these indicate educatedness and causes respect in women. Therefore, do not go beyond decency if you want to attract the attention of a girl you like. It is a useful tip on how to make her want you.

Do your best

You cannot achieve anything if you lie on the couch and do nothing. First of all, pay attention to your appearance. Hands, skin, teeth, body – all these things are very important not only for the sake of good health but also for a girl who will be next to you.

Believe us, no one will date a lazy and neglected man. Do you want to have the best girl next to you? Become the best for her! A well-groomed person is automatically considered attractive. Develop yourself as a personality. Read interesting literature, watch auteur cinematography, and go to the theater.

Show that you are worthy of her

How to make a woman fall for you? Your task is to show a girl you love, that you are worthy of her. First of all, show her the best traits of your character. Thus, she will have a chance to understand who you are and what you can offer her. A sense of humor, kindness, and honesty make you more physically attractive. Other qualities that can impress a girl are respect, care, self-confidence, and dedication.

Don't be afraid and be sure

Do not expect the cherished woman to come to you herself. Do not expect that something grandiose will happen to you just because you want it. Life is too short to wait and even shorter for those who are afraid of committing courageous acts. Yes, you aren’t able to make things stack up to your benefit, but you can take a step and try to win a girl you love using all the resources that you have. So approach her and invite to go out somewhere! It is one of the best tips on how to get a girlfriend.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to spark the interest of a girl, but it is much more difficult to make her fall in love with you. However, now you know the traits that women value in men. All you need is to be caring, self-confident, reliable and persevering. Our tips on how to make a woman love you will help you win the heart of a girl you like. Good luck!

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Girls always melt with compliments. So, I think paying compliments to a lady you like is another good advice on how to make her fall in love with you.
12.02.2020 00:35
Girls always melt with compliments. So, I think paying compliments to a lady you like is another good advice on how to make her fall in love with you.
02.03.2020 11:10
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