Should You Kiss a Girl on a Second Date?

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Many men wonder what to do on the first date. During the first meeting you need to make a good impression on the girl and show your best qualities. Therefore, all carefully prepare for the first date: they choose clothes, come up with where to invite the girl and read the guides on the behavior with the ladies from the guru of romantic relations.

But what happens next? After all, if you managed to impress the European single girl and you like her too, the first date should be continued. And it is no less important. Find out what's so special about the second date and whether it's worth trying to kiss the girl to move to a new level of relationships.

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What Is So Special About Second Date?

Many men think that first long kiss on the second date is the most important part. But there are many other things you should know about. First of all, let’s find what makes it different from the first date.

Let's say you already had your first date, and you impressed her so much that she agreed to meet with you again without hesitation. And now you are already anticipating the meeting, but you absolutely do not know what to do with the girl on a date to again cause pleasant emotions in her and stand out from the crowd of banal dates she already had before. Of course, the place where you will meet plays a role, but you must remember that many things depend on you and on your behavior because you can create the right atmosphere. And if you are tedious, vulgar and apathetic, then no cool plan for a date can save you.

Let's find out what the girls think about the second date. For this we asked our relationship specialist. Her opinion is very valuable to men who want to understand exactly how to behave and what the girls want on the second date. Caution, the spoiler: is it ok to kiss on the second date? Yes!

If she agreed to go on second date with you, then you've passed the most important part of the test and we congratulate you. However, this meeting is much more important for girls than the first. And that's why. On the one hand, there is more responsibility on the first date. The first date is, as a rule, the apogee of confusion and nervousness. And the girl understands this perfectly, so she can make a discount and generously close her eyes to the fact that you said something extremely weird or drank too much. On the second date “sorry, I’m too nervous” excuse does not work. The bill for the mistakes you make will be written out in full, and the subsequent refusal of the woman to meet again, as a rule, is final and can’t be appealed.

On the other hand, there is less likelihood of sex. If the girl felt the call of the flesh and would like to show you how she is all spontaneous and passionate herself, she would jump out of the bra at the end of the first date. However, now, to confirm the reputation of "not like all others", she will have to pull the panties higher and, as a decent girl, wait till a third or even a fifth date. I hope all of the above did not discourage you from dating her again. So, let us begin, in fact, to analyze the key elements of your new date.

Essential Second Date Rules

Kiss, second date...all this is cool, but before kissing anyone you should learn some essential second date rules.

if you should try and kiss herThe first question to be solved is – how long should be a pause after the first date before appearing with a proposal to meet again? The secret etiquette says that you have two to five days to think. Even if the first acquaintance went brilliantly and you did not hide that you were captivated and fascinated, in the interests of the case it is worth keeping the girl in an easy uncertainty: "Will he call me or not?" If you start calling, say, the next day - you risk looking too predictable and intrusive, that the man should not be at all to the point.

But there is nothing wrong with exchanging a pair of SMSs with varying degrees of frivolity. If you are dealing with a girl who is not completely confident in her own irresistibility, it is even welcome, since it will help her not finally lose her faith in herself in those two-five days. In all other cases, it will warm up the girl's interest and prepare the right ground for your further actions.

But we have more second date tips for you. Do not disappear from her field of vision for more than two weeks. This is a fatal mistake that many men, too self-assured ones, make. At best, the woman decides that you are married. At worst - that she is for you a girl from the list "for a solid C grade," and, having broken off with some tempting "A grade", you decided: why not call Ann, since there is still nothing to do? Although it is not yet known what should be considered the worst option.

You should decide on a place for your second date. An exhibition of cats or dogs is an excellent option for most girls. If she squeaks at the sight of dogs, and she wants to feed every little kitten she meets on the street, then necessarily invite her to an exhibition of cats or dogs. She will receive a million unforgettable impressions and emotions, she will open to you from the other side. Believe me, these creatures are able to make even the most inveterate bitch the sweetest girl on earth. Do not need to hurry her up and always look at the clock, even if it is mega uninteresting everything that happens at this exhibition for you. You have to remember that your main goal is to enjoy everything, so leave your self-interest to yourself. Perhaps she will look with special affection at some kitten or a dog and will not want to leave without it, then you can make a gentleman gesture and buy her a favorite animal.

Another great option is morning jogging. Joint sporting activities bring together, plus it's a very cool way to show yourself from the best side. You show that you care about your body, you watch yourself and want your girl to support such views. Of course, you do not need to run a million of miles, because at the end of a date you will get not a girl but a squeezed lemon. Of course, the ideal option is if you live close to each other, but if not, then definitely come to where it will be convenient for her because dragging a girl across the city for morning runs is not the best idea. It is also desirable that the place for a date will be beautiful, perhaps some kind of park or just a green area. After that, you can go to the nearest cafe, relax, drink vegetable fresh, find out what kind of sports she prefers and take a note.

Library. Wonder if you should try and kiss her? Yes, if you are in the library on the second date. Do you think that this is an extremely strange place and that visits to the library are attended only by nerds? Not at all. Believe me, the girl will appreciate it because this is a pleasant place for communication, a romantic breakfast, there is a special atmosphere there. And besides, the joint reading brings together. She will be able to show you her favorite authors or read aloud a favorite poem; you will advise her a few cool books and everything is done. She already looks at you with delighted eyes and dreams of the next date with you. Because the girls are tired of showoffs, noisy parties in clubs and drunken singing in karaoke. They want something very simple, cozy and real. And this is exactly the sensation that a library can give, where a girl can relax and just be herself.

And now let’s find out what should you do on a second date: kiss or not.

Kissing on a Second Date: What Are the Basics?

Of course, you should kiss her on the second date. Most likely, she expects this no less than you. Second date kiss is magic. All the nuances that were mentioned earlier pale before this. That’s why men are looking for how to kiss techniques and some of them are even frightened.

Scientists from the American Albany Institute do not lie, claiming that it is by kissing the girls determine whether you will have a relationship or not. The first contact of mucous membranes is crucial, since this is a matter of "chemical coincidence", and you cannot argue with chemistry. The first contact of your mouth cavities should not involve active tongue usage or tossing your partner's legs on your shoulders. The kiss should be light, short and, you know, thoughtfully cautious. It's great if you caught the reciprocal movement of the partner's jaws. In this case, you can try for a moment to tear your lips away from her, look at her with eyes clouded by desire and go back again to her mouth. Believe me, best kiss techniques are those that teach you to be patient.

So, when in a relationship should you kiss a girl? When you both are ready. If you do not feel yourself self-confident enough, read our little guide on this topic.

First, she should be ready for this, the first kiss should not be a sudden surprise. Think of a place - a park, embankment or entrance door of her place. The last option is ideal because it is considered behind the scenes that the man kisses his lady at parting. It is at this moment that she will be 100% ready.

second date tipsSecondly, avoid a large crowd of people, especially if among them there is a risk of meeting her acquaintances. This atmosphere does not let her relax because she may feel uncomfortable.

Third, start a kiss gently, and listen to her actions - if she answers it, then you can extend it, and, for example, hug her by the shoulders. For the first time this is quite enough.

Fourthly, do not say anything stupid right after what happened. An unsuccessful phrase can spoil all romance of the moment, so after a kiss it will be enough just to smile.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid:

  • Do not ask the girl if you can kiss her. Such a question will spoil all romance, and the image of a confident man will be lost;
  • If you felt mutual attraction, but the girl did not give herself to kiss, do not run away or, what's worse, call your companion frigid. Tactfully say: "Okay, let's not rush!" And continue the meeting without going back to this incident;
  • You cannot immediately try a French kiss touching the young lady in all places and pressing her hard to yourself. Most likely, she will simply run away or will not agree to the next meeting;
  • If, during a kiss, you feel the taste of a Caesar or a strawberry cake she ate - do not talk about it. Please.

So, what to do?

The second date is very important. The very prospect of your relationship depends on it. During the second date, do not play a role and desperately try to please the girl. This is permissible only during the first date, in some cases. Now it's time to show who you are. So, prepare for the second date even more thoroughly than for the first.

Believe in yourself and get ready to kiss the girl. After all, this is what she expects from you. Good luck!

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As practice shows, you may have the first date and already feel a tremendous desire to kiss a girl. And if it looks like she doesn’t mind then what’s the reason to wait for so long?
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