15 Romantic Things to Do in a Relationship

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When you are at the early stages of your relationship, you think that being romantic is no big deal. But the time passes, and the romantic atmosphere starts to fade. During this period, you may get the feeling that you are on the verge of a breakup. You definitely start to panic, as you finally get to understand that being romantic is quite a hard task. On the one hand, you want to keep the romantic atmosphere alive, on the other hand, you are always at the risk of falling into cheesiness. Moreover, sometimes you get way too tired to figure out what other romantic things to do for your European girlfriend. In order to help you, we've collected the romantic things to say to and to do for your girlfriend.

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Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl

Time passes and you may stop noticing what's so special about her. And while that may be okay, the fact that you stop making her compliments may start bothering her. You should compliment her look, her hair, her perfume, and other things that you like about her. Pay attention to small things, as a little change in style may mean nothing to you, but means a lot to her. So, let's check out our list of the romantic things to say to her.

  • “My love for you runs deeper than the ocean”.
  • “I feel complete only when holding you in my arms”.
  • “You look beautiful no matter what”.
  • “Nothing really matters when I'm with you”.
  • “I get the feeling that we've been together in past lives”.

Romantic Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

Romantic words are great, but your actions speak louder than words. So, no matter how many lists like “the most romantic things to say to her” you read, the effect won't be complete unless you support it with certain actions. So, let's check out the top 15 most romantic things to do with your girlfriend.

1. Fake Flower Matters

Speaking about words going hand in hand with actions, here is what you can do. Buy her a bouquet of flowers and stick one fake flower in it. If you are going to use some service to deliver the bouquet to her, you should write on the card something like “I'll love you till the last flower would fade”. If you are going to present her with the bouquet on your own, you should say those words aloud. She will definitely figure out that one of the flowers is fake, thus making your words one of the most romantic things to say to a girl.

2. 'Kidnap' Your Girlfriend

Now it's time to get creative. Plan something special or romantic. It can be anything from a romantic dinner at the beach to a concert that she was dreaming to attend. It can also be a certain activity that you've been dreaming about for a long time but haven't had a chance to do. Pick up a day when your girlfriend doesn't have anything special going on and tell her that you've arranged a special date for her. Then blindfold her and drive around to make sure she has no clue where you are heading, and then go to the location. While making a surprise date is already one of the most romantic things to do for you girlfriend, the 'kidnapping' mystery would make it a whole lot more entertaining for both of you.

romantic things to do with your gf3. Redecorate Your House Together

You've been talking for years about redecorating your living room? Why not pick a certain day and start doing it? First of all it is a lot of fun, secondly, it would strengthen you bond. It is also one of those romantic things to do together if you really consider yourself to be a couple. Aside from all that, you would finally redecorate your house. Think about it, you could be arguing for ages about the way it should be redecorated, but doing that together can reduce all the arguments.

4. Meteor Shower and a Bottle of Wine

All you need to do is to figure out when the next meteor shower is forecast or when the next comet will fall. Then, without telling her anything, grab a blanket and a bottle of wine, take her, and head for some dark place from where you could watch the meteor shower or the comet's fall. It is one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend. Your GF would definitely appreciate the fact that you can forget about your work and routines and spend some time with her drinking wine, talking about something romantic, and watching as the meteors fall.

5. Cook Together

So, who generally does the cooking in your couple? Or you take turns? Regardless, if you want to strengthen you bounds, you should cook together. Pick up some interesting recipe, buy all the required ingredients in advance, then ask your significant other to join you. Cooking together may be one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend, and you should practice it from time to time. Aside from cooking something delicious, the time you spend together while cooking your meal is a lot of fun.

6. Have a Sunset Picnic

You know, most of the couples are having picnics in the daytime. Yep, it may be fun, but it's not that romantic. How about changing the time of your picnic? You do know that sunset is one of the most beautiful spectacles in the world. You can do it on the beach, on the river bank, or in the open park, or at any area that offers a good view. You can take some wine as well. Don't forget to hug your girlfriend while watching the sunset, and don't forget to tell her that she is the only thing that is more beautiful than the sunset.

7. Recreate Your First Date

You do remember your first date, don't you? It is definitely one of the moments in your life that you both cherish, as it was the beginning of your relationship. But was there anything you would like to change about your date? If so, recreating your first date could be one of the best ideas for the romantic date. Even if you think that your first date was perfect and wouldn't want to change a thing about it, you should do it anyway. The bittersweet taste of nostalgia could bring back that two-against-the-world feeling that is strongly present at the early stages of your relationship, but fades away after a year of two. Anyway, recreating your first date is one of the most romantic things that you can do together.

8. Recreate a Date from Your Favorite Movie

If you think that your first date needs no remakes and should remain untouched, then you can try recreating a date from your favorite movie. And it's not an idea for movie geeks only, as it works perfectly for all the couples. Come on, you must have a favorite romantic movie with a date scene that you both adore. You can use it as a part of role playing as well.

9. Read a Book Together

Reading can also be romantic. Pick a book that you are both interested in. You can read it separately chapter by chapter, having discussions after every chapter. If you want to increase a romantic atmosphere, you read each other aloud. You can start a reading club of your own and discuss the books that you've read over a cup of coffee or while eating your favorite meal. Actually, you can link your reading to a date, as you can have romantic dinners at your favorite cafe or restaurant to discuss the book that you've read.

romantic things to say to her10. Write Each Other Letters

Yep, we do live in the age of the Internet and chats, but there is something romantic about writing a love letter to your significant other. Okay, nobody is forcing you into taking a pen and pouring your words of love on the paper. An email would do just fine. Instead of exchanging short I-love-you's, you can write long letters, expressing how much you mean for each other and how deep your love is. Writing love letters is essential when you are in the long distance relationship, as it would give you more space to express your feelings.

11. Plan a Rooftop Dinner

A rooftop dinner is one of the most romantic things that you can do. But mind that you should take care of the safety fist, as you don't want your romantic dinner to end up with broken legs, arms, and necks. Actually, if you are unsure about arranging it yourself, you should look up the rooftop restaurants in your city. By doing so, you will have a romantic dinner without a possibility of getting injuries.

12. Take a Bath Together

Prepare a bath for your significant other and slip in it together. If you want to increase the romantic atmosphere, you can add some candles. The bathtub allows you to make love, fool around, or just soak in the water.

13. Do Something That Your Significant Other Likes

You should do it from time to time, even if you don't like it. Relationships are all about compromises. Take your girlfriend to the concert of the singer that she likes, but you don't. The sole idea of doing it for your lover should make it sweet.

14. Teach Each Other Something

You know how to play the guitar? Teach her how to play it. She knows French? Let her teach you. You may end up singing Hymn a L'Amoure together, which is romantic enough.

15. Do Something Spontaneous

The advice is great, but you should use your own imagination as well. If a great romantic idea pops up in your head, you should immediately start finding the ways to materialize it. Sometimes, spontaneous romantic ideas are better than well-planned ones.

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Girls always demand this notorious romance, and a simple bouquet doesn’t do anymore, so thank you for a couple of great and pretty fresh ideas, maybe they will come in handy one day.
02.03.2020 10:17
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