The Difference Between the Relationships with a Russian and a Ukrainian Woman

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Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union life with a East European girl became a sort of obsession for a certain number of Western men. At first, the main reason for that fixed idea was that women from behind the iron curtain were exotic for Western men, but soon Russian women became sort of solution for men who don't accept feminism. Feminism had lesser impact in the USSR, thus Russian women are totally different from self-sufficient, overly-emancipated, and career-obsessed Western women. Besides, Russian women are so gorgeous. There's no surprise that men want a family with a Russian girl who accepts traditional gender roles and is family oriented.

But over the last few years the obsession with getting a Russian woman has slowly become overshadowed by the dream to get a Ukrainian girl. A lot of men consider Ukrainian women to be more beautiful than their Russian counterparts, but is it the only difference between them? Why is an interest of western men slowly drifting towards Ukrainian women? After all, both Ukrainian and Russian women are Slavic women, shouldn't they be quite the same? Well, yes and no. To understand what they have in common and what differs drastically in them, you should learn the differences between what it’s like to be in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman and what it’s like to be with a Russian woman.


If you choose a Russian girl for a long-term relationship, you can be sure that she will respect you and you'll be the central figure in her life. The main reason lies in their upbringing. All Russian girls go through the patriarchal upbringing, according to which man is treated with the greatest respect, as he is the main family supplier. So, when your spouse is Russian, you are the leader, the head of the family, and the main family provider, while she is your perfect housekeeper.

Choosing a Ukrainian girl for a committed relationship, on the other hand, is absolutely different. She's not only your spouse, she's your partner. Matrimony with a Ukrainian girl goes according to the 'the man leads, the woman commands'-scenario. Because, unlike Russian girls, Ukrainians go through the matriarchal upbringing, where mother is the central figure. Thus, if you want your union with a Ukrainian girl to be successful, be ready for the partnership.

Attitude to Husband

With Russian women, you get respect by merely being your husband. It is the consequence of their patriarchal upbringing. Your Russian girl will be ultra-devoted to you. She will always try to satisfy you with her cooking abilities, and it doesn't mean that you'll be tasting only the masterpieces of the Russian cuisine. Russian women easily learn how to cook any kind of meal you like. She will also listen to you whenever you need to talk. Last but not the least, she will be your perfect lover, giving you unforgettable sex.

While with Ukrainian women same rules apply, still due to matriarchal upbringing, you need to earn an attitude like that. She won't love and respect you only because you are her husband. Moreover, she won't say “yes” to your proposal if she doesn't love or respect you. So, let's say Russian girls are for those who prefer lazy approach, while Ukrainian girls are for those who like winning the girl's heart.

astuces_maquillageAttitude to Family

Family is very important for Russian girls. This comes because of a curious aspect of the Russian culture, known as self-sacrifice. In Russian women self-sacrifice turns into complete devotion to her husband and her children. She will try her best for her children to get the best future. She will also do her best for her husband to be satisfied. She will sacrifice herself for the family to work well. She won't feel tired to do the housekeeping and cooking all day long, then helping her child with homework. Moreover, after such a long and hard day, she will do her best to please you.

When it comes to Ukrainian girls, be ready to take a supporting role with the appearance of children. It doesn't mean that she will stop loving you, she will be much more devoted to her children than to you. So, her day will be the same as the day of the Russian girl. Housekeeping, cooking, helping the kid with the homework, but she has no problems telling you that she is too tired.

Attitude to Homeland

Russian girls love their homeland, but loving Russia from the distance became a typical case for a lot of Russians since the beginning of the 20thcentury. Russian girls are eager to leave their country for another country. It happens because of the lamentable state of Russian economics and their complete dissatisfaction with Russian men. It turns out that patriarchal upbringing of Russian women cannot be applied to Russian men. Russian men have been spoiled by Russian women since the World War II, which claimed more than twenty million lives. After the end of the war, the situation where ten women are struggling for the attention of one man was common. Also, mothers became overprotective over their children, especially boys. As a result, modern Russia experiences hundreds of divorces every year, with women fed up of their unemployed husbands. So, pick any girl you like, she would be eager to leave Russia for your homeland.

Ukrainian girls, on the other hand, are known for their patriotism. They are not so eager to leave their homeland. Ukrainian women deeply love their country and the find it hard to leave it. They also have deep connection with their relatives, which makes immigration even a more troublesome process, as they are afraid that they will feel uprooted in another country.

Even if they leave Ukraine for you, it doesn't mean the end of the troubles. When the Ukrainian revolution and Russian intervention took place in 2013-2014, a lot of western men experienced problems with keeping their Ukrainian spouses safe at home, because those women wanted to go back to their homeland and find out if they can be of any help there. So, if you are up for entering into a committed relationship with a Ukrainian girl, consider the possibility of migration to Ukraine. Once again, she must be deeply in love with you to leave her homeland and her relatives for you.

Of course, this article is nothing but the overview, as each and every woman should be considered individually, regardless of her nationality.

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It’s interesting since I have been thinking for all my life that these are two alike nations, and there are no differences between them at all. Well, maybe just a geographical one.
02.03.2020 09:39
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