What Does It Mean When a Girl Stares at You?

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A woman’s eyes can tell a lot about her – much more than words, intonations, and emotions that ladies can’t control even having a great desire. There are many tips on how to understand a woman. However, some men believe that this is simply impossible. Of course, it is easier when you chat on hot women dating sites because you don’t see each other and there is no such problem. But when you see a girl in real life, everything becomes much more difficult.

So, you notice the girl’s eyes on you and don’t know what it means. Due to certain circumstances such as natural timidity, isolation, pride, etc. girls afraid to speak openly about their emotions, thoughts, and feelings, but their look is very eloquent because it is a reaction of the body to external stimuli, as well as a reaction of the body.

Let’s look for eye contact definition and figure out why a girl is looking at you. After all, women can do it in different ways. Yes, the girl’s constant attention to you can speak of several reasons for this behavior.

what does it mean if a girl keeps looking at you

Why Sometimes Girls Can Stare at You?

When you meet ladies online, you don’t think about such things, for example, why they look at me and what it means. But in real life, you always face it. If you catch a girl’s eyes at yourself, then most likely, this indicates that she is interested in you, although it can also mean something else.

She likes you

The most basic reason why a girl is looking at you is an attraction. That is if you are a handsome man, and she wants some kind of relationship with you, then her look will very often fall on you. How to know if a girl is looking at you? How to understand that a constant look in your direction suggests that she likes you? First of all, pay attention to her behavior towards you. Perhaps she also gives other signs that indicate attraction. You just haven’t noticed them before. If there are no such signs, then perhaps she is simply embarrassed, and in this case, you will have to take the initiative.

She wants to get acquainted

If a girl keeps looking at you without taking her eyes off, with slightly narrowed eyes and smiling only with her lips, this sign can be regarded as an invitation to easy communication and flirting. The further development of communication already depends on how she looks at you during the conversation – whether everything remains at the level of easy, non-binding flirting or it may develop into a romantic relationship. If a woman looks very closely, and she doesn’t look away, then she openly shows that she wants to get to know you better and talk with you. Take your chance and approach her!

She falls in love

When a woman looks directly into a man’s eyes, it means that she is more than interested in him, perhaps she considers him as a partner for a serious relationship. Pupils of a woman will help understand how she looks at you and whether she is in love: when women see the object of their adoration, their pupils are dilated. Is a girl looking at you all the time a good sign that she likes you? If she doesn’t take her eyes off you – it is 100% strong interest, which is sure to be followed by an acquaintance. And maybe she likes you at first sight.

when a girl keeps looking at youShe is confused

Of course, the above options are extremely pleasant and attractive but don’t lose your head from such attention because there are also other sides to this situation. So, what does it mean if a girl keeps looking at you? A woman may confuse you with some of her friends and now she is trying to understand and remember exactly where you might have met. It also happens that your appearance may be similar to her ex-boyfriend or the most important love of her life from the past, and she simply enjoys it. You need to watch and wait. Maybe she will approach you and explain everything.

She seduces you

It would be sometimes naive to interpret the girl’s gaze as a harbinger of a relationship. A girl, looking at you may just seduce you. There are many techniques for seducing a man and seduction with glance is one of them. It is worth remembering that temptresses who break men’s hearts love to look into the eyes. What is a professional temptress’ look? It is a cold, insensitive, and cunning gaze. Only men who don’t have problems with self-esteem can easily recognize such women. Their prey is an insecure man who deep down feels unworthy of good treatment. So, be careful.

Things to Do When a Girl Looks at You

The fact that you attract the attention of women is very pleasant and, at the same time, it would be nice to know what they think. If you don’t know what to do if a woman is looking at you, then there are some tips to help you in this situation.


This is a prerequisite. If you don’t smile, then the chances that the girl will look at you once again tend to zero. Even if you don’t consider yourself handsome, then a smile can be your best habit that will change your life. Noticing a girl looking at you, give her your kindest, most confident, radiant smile so that she understands that it is comfortable to talk with you, and it is very interesting to be your friend. Most likely, she will want to continue communicating with you.

Break the communication barrier

Not all guys can overcome this barrier. Therefore, they immediately fall into the category of losers. But if you can do this, then you will immediately fall into the category of brave guys, and she will appreciate it. A real male is confident in himself; he does what he wants and is afraid of nothing. So, try to decide for yourself whether you really like the girl. Do you really want to date her? If so, then move on. Approach her, break the communication barrier, and say something like, “Well, are you staring at me for so long and don’t say hi?”

Wait for a second eye contact

If a pretty girl looks at you, this doesn’t always mean that you need to immediately get acquainted with her. You’ve already had your first eye contact. If it went well, then just sit back, relax, and wait for the second eye contact. This time, try to catch her facial expressions and take a closer look: does she smile when catching your eyes? Does she fix her hair or makeup? Female body language is very important at this point. If you are sure that she likes you, then look into her eyes once again and smile.

Win the eye contact game

Unfortunately, many guys don’t know how to play it and immediately give up. After all, if you can win it, then your chances of getting acquainted with a woman will increase. To win this game, you have to look in her eyes as long as possible. Remember that you can’t be the one who turns away or looks down first when a girl keeps looking at you. Winning the game means that you are not afraid of women, you are not awkward and shy but a really self-confident person. And women will understand this when they feel your confident look on themselves.

How to Overcome the Fear of Eye Contact

The inability to communicate normally with women is painful. At the same time, a man should understand that it is necessary to somehow overcome the fear of looking into the women’s eyes. Leaving the problem unchanged, you risk staying lonely forever. So, how to overcome the fear of eye contact and start a full life?

Start small

When communicating with a woman, try to listen as carefully as possible to all her words and, at least occasionally, try to look at her face. Such a manner of communication is the most correct because if you force yourself to examine the pupils of the woman, then, at best, she will think that something is wrong with you or start behaving more constrained. If your eyes catch some detail, concentrate on it for a couple of seconds. Also, when saying something, try using gestures. This will help you distract from extraneous thoughts and feelings and also give you self-confidence.

if a girl keeps looking at youTrain your look with strangers

Look at the eyes of strangers. Such a technique will help you get used to the idea of the need to look in the eyes. Try to convince yourself that these people are not your enemies, and there is nothing that can harm you in their thoughts. When passers-by feel your gaze and realize the awkwardness of the moment, they will try to lower their heads down or turn them to the side in order to “hide.” And this is when you can feel your superiority over them. You will be able to do the same with women you like over time.

Overcome embarrassment

When you talk with a woman and, at the same time, avoid her eyes, she may suspect that you are not sincerely interested in her. Even if you look away due to the fact that you are embarrassed to keep your eyes on her, it may seem that you are bored or it is simply unpleasant to be with her. This is what will offend the woman seriously and may make you look bad in her eyes. If she thinks so, then a woman will close for further contact in nine cases out of ten.


Don’t get nervous. She is just a woman. Looking at her, your eyes should be filled with goodwill. Imagine that you put your hand on the woman’s shoulder to cheer her up. Doing so, your eyes will be filled with softness and sincere disposition. Thus, eye contact attraction will be established between you, which will also be felt by the second participant of the dialogue on a subconscious level. It will be much worse if the girl notices how nervous you are. Keep calm and look at her eyes. After all, you don’t want to look a wimp, do you?

Don’t stare at her

Yes, you are nervous, but you shouldn’t stare into the eyes of a woman all the time. Ideally, prolonged eye contact should last no longer than 1 minute. Most likely, she will turn away first (remember eye contact game). Otherwise, the woman will feel uncomfortable, and she will do everything possible to go away as soon as possible. First, look into her eyes for a few seconds, then hold your gaze on some little things on her clothes, and then look into her eyes again. If she notices your glance, she will understand that you are interested in her.

Why torture yourself with guesses and constantly puzzle your mind with the question of how to tell if a girl is looking at you and why she is doing so. Take the first step, approach the girl at a convenient moment when she is not in a hurry and just talk to her. Say that you notice how she stares at you and it bothers you. If you like her, you can just invite her to have dinner together at some restaurant. If she agrees to take a walk with you, then she likes you, and there is no need to rack your brain, looking for the reason for her constant looks.

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Women have always been a kind of mystery to me. But thanks to your advice, I’ve just known a little more about these interesting and puzzling creatures.
12.02.2020 00:49
Women have always been a kind of mystery to me. But thanks to your advice, I’ve just known a little more about these interesting and puzzling creatures.
02.03.2020 11:22
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