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You never know when this can happen. You can walk along the street, have dinner in a restaurant, hang out in a nightclub or have a picnic with friends in nature, and suddenly you see a beauty and like her very much. But she is a foreigner. And how to date a foreign girl if you don’t know her language? Don’t stand still no matter what because you meet a european woman now and have only one chance! Go ahead and at least try to start a conversation.

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Advantages and Disadvantages to Date a Foreign Girl

If your loved one has turned out to be of a different nationality, then you should know that a relationship will be built not only on feelings. When deciding to start dating a foreigner, you shouldn’t forget about the peculiarities of upbringing adopted in her country, traditions, culture, and mentality. However, fortunately, all of this is not a problem for modern people. But here is the question arises – what are the pros and cons of dating a girl from another country?

You can discuss interesting subjects

Yes, you can discuss anything. You should always have a couple of outstanding conversation topics to discuss with a girl and know interesting facts. You have a different mentality and interests. Of course, you will find interesting topics for communication. You have to show her your erudition, but at the same time, try not to look like a bore.

The chance to know the other culture

A foreigner girl is a representative of a different culture. So, she can tell you a lot of interesting things about it. You will definitely have something to talk about and what to be surprised at in each other. It is nice to learn something new. And such a variety will positively affect your relationship. And if you use the best site to meet women, it is even better because you both have time to come up with some topic for conversation.

Better perception of women’s behavior abroad

Relationships with foreign girls will help you develop a number of your qualities, such as sensitivity, tolerance, and understanding. Your value system can be completely rebuilt and this can also be an advantage to some extent. Maybe such an experience will help you better understand girls. Most likely, it will positively affect your perception of women and their behavior in different situations.

how to meet foreign girlOther mentality

Different countries mean different rules. Maybe this is one of the disadvantages you may face when you meet foreign girls. When you decide to date and live in a foreign country, think about the fact that there is a completely different language, laws, people, customs, rules, etc. Maybe you will have to start living anew, looking for new friends as old ones stay in your homeland. Are you ready for it?

Language barrier

If you know a foreign language and speak it quite fluently, this doesn’t guarantee a full understanding of a girl. Of course, you can keep the conversation, but are you sure that you are fully capable of appreciating English humor or understanding the charm of restrained German speech? Any foreign language should be understood. Foreign speech must be felt. For this, a long conversation with a native speaker, that is, a resident of the country you are interested in will be an ideal option.

The Right Way to Impress a Foreign Girl

As women say, there are 5 abilities, possessing which a man will most likely succeed. Let’s consider in more detail what can help you impress a girl.

Say compliments

If you want to try foreign girls dating, then don’t forget that all girls love compliments despite their nationality. But unfortunately, men don’t know how to give compliments. The whole point of a compliment is to surprise a girl! It must be both extraordinary and beautiful. Don’t use standard and commonplace phrases. The compliment must come “from the heart." Girls feel everything, so you shouldn’t lie at all. And don’t forget that different girls love different compliments.

Always smile

Develop a habit of smiling because beautiful foreign girls are not accustomed to gloomy faces, and they don’t perceive a person who doesn’t know how to smile sincerely. It must be admitted that this rule seems to be the simplest, but in fact, it is quite difficult. Many men don’t smile or do it forcedly, and therefore, not sincerely. If you doubt about your abilities, practice in front of the mirror. There is nothing strange about it. Smiling beautifully is the same skill as writing or reading, and if it turns out badly, you just need to practice it. After all, there is nothing more attractive than an open smile of a person.

Be able to keep up the conversation

You must be an interesting conversationalist for a foreign woman. Try to read modern books, keep abreast of cultural events, and have at least a little understanding of musical styles. The main thing is not to mumble. This is what can kill any impression. Your speech should be confident, clear, and slow. You have to speak calmly, clearly pronouncing the words. The voice is also an important point. It would be nice to try talking just half a tone lower than usual. This can create the desired effect.

Eye contact

You have to look at her eyes. Yes, it may be not easy, but again, training can help keep eye contact. By the way, unlike the popular pickup theories, which claim that a man should immediately show dominance over a girl and in no case look away first, in life, everything can happen differently. Look up or sideways, as if something has distracted your attention, and after a few moments, look at a girl. This in no way will reduce your authority, but at the same time, keep your eyes open. However, it should be noted that in most cases, girls themselves look away first.

How to Make Her Keep a Conversation

Many guys often have problems when they need to come up with an interesting topic or keep a conversation with a girl that has already begun. So, here we have some tips on what to talk about with a foreign girl.

Feel free to introduce yourself

How to start a conversation with a girl? “Hello, my name is ...” – this is a perfectly acceptable way to start a conversation with a foreigner in almost any situation. Such a friendly greeting will make it clear to women that you want to enter into a conversation. However, you must remember that the British, Europeans, as well as representatives of the Middle East and Asia, in a conversation with a new person, prefer to use a polite address by the last name with the prefix “Mrs.,” “Miss” or “Doctor.” In addition, in many countries, it is customary to shake hands when meeting a person, but there may be exceptions.

Show interest in a person’s home country

Show curiosity and sincere interest in the country where a girl comes from, asking general questions about it. This is also the best way to start a conversation with a girl. The more interest you show for the cultural traditions of a person, the more likely it is that she will open up to talk with you. During the conversation, carefully listen and watch the reaction of the girl to certain topics to understand what you can talk about and which topic should be better avoided. Find out everything you can about her country, city, people, national cuisine, music, and much more. Thus, you will have a lot of topics for conversation. Always try to avoid talking about sex, politics, and religion.

best way to start a conversation with a girlRespect the differences

In modern society, the number of different traditions, religions and ethnic groups is greater than ever before. Considering that people from other countries share your moral values, views and communication approaches, you can make an irreparable mistake or get into a difficult situation when talking. When you chat with foreign girls, you have to remember that women from different countries have different communication styles and behaviors. Thus, the probability of offending someone or being offended will be much lower.

Avoid stereotypes

Even though people from certain countries or regions often have common habits and communication styles, don’t give in to the temptation to think that all women are the same. Never express a stereotypical opinion about a person as a representative of any nation. For example, you shouldn’t say, “You are French (Germans, Chinese, Indians, etc.) so you always...” Communication with women from other countries proceeds more smoothly if you are interested in their personal views, opinions, and feelings.

Take an interest in a girl

How to keep a conversation with a girl? You must be interested in her. Sincere interest on your part ensures her comfortable state – this is the main secret of pleasant communication. The girl is guaranteed to notice insincerity or pretense of interest, or at least, she will try to do it. This is inherent in the genetic program. Not so long ago, a woman deceived by a man wasn’t accepted by society and could die because having a child, it didn’t allow her to earn enough for a living. Currently, the situation has changed, but the genetic program remains, and therefore, girls feel falsehood quickly enough.

Show your emotions

Don’t forget about it. Women are emotional, and therefore, if the interlocutor speaks a language they understand, then mutual understanding and attraction will appear faster. So, without fear, use emotional exclamations such as “Wow” “Wonderful!” “Ah” “Hey” “Wow!” “Oh” “Mmm” “Nice!” and others. Bright exclamations and allegories are your weapons. And more flirting! Say that you are going to sunbathe in shorts on the balcony, let her laugh and answer with no less playful phrase. Communication should be easy, fun, and comfortable for both of you.

Show attraction

This point is worth mentioning only when the girl aroused your desire to continue and improve your acquaintance. If she is not interesting to you as an object of courtship, smoothly reduce your communication to friendship. Mention the phrase, “You and I” and its derivatives more often. Look into the future, saying, “Next time we will go...” This will give her a clear indication that the relationship will continue, and you see her as your woman. Such a slightly veiled straightforwardness will let her know about your intentions, and at the same time, there will be no reason to say that you are too fast and rush things.

If you still think that it is not so easy to start a conversation with a foreign woman, we assure you that you will succeed anyway. Don’t doubt and act! Of course, from time to time, you will receive rejections, but this is normal. Don’t dwell on failures. Don’t lose confidence in yourself, and you will be able to date any foreign woman you want.

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I know an original way to start a conversation with foreign lady. Just say "Hi! Are you Italian? I’ve learned this from your luxuriant hair, neat figure, and beautiful dark eyes."
12.02.2020 00:41
I know an original way to start a conversation with foreign lady. Just say "Hi! Are you Italian? I’ve learned this from your luxuriant hair, neat figure, and beautiful dark eyes."
02.03.2020 11:16
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