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Although jealousy cannot be called a positive feeling, some guys still try to develop the light form of this green monster in their girlfriends. And, as a rule, they justify such behavior by a desire to make their girlfriend much more passionate and loving than she is at the moment. But either they do this badly and ineffectively or go too far with provocations and make a girl turn into a real prison warden or just break-up a relationship. In such cases, guys do not get the desired result and lose absolutely everything. That is why you should know some effective tips that will help you in making a girl jealous without any devastating consequences.

make a girl jealous

Is It Easy to Make a Girl Jealous?

A man always feels jealous when considers himself the rightful owner of a woman and sees a real or imaginary threat to his “property right” on the part of other representatives of the stronger sex. But nothing special is needed to cause jealousy in a woman – the feeling can develop by itself due to the sensitive female nature.

According to numerous surveys and studies, it is possible to draw certain conclusions about female jealousy. Thousands of women took part in the analysis of different life situations. And it turned out that in most cases, it was women's jealousy that became the cause of most family conflicts. To say more, according to statistics, seventy-five percent of couples divorced because of female jealousy. Of course, some women experience this feeling rarely (typically due to their high self-esteem), but the number of ladies who are prone to jealousy is much larger. So, making a girl jealous does not need much effort.

What Will Make Your Girl Feel Jealous?

While some men seek to get rid of the jealousy of their women or to calm the unbridled imagination of their beloved one, others do everything possible to tickle the nerves of their girlfriend and awaken the green-eyed monster. So, how to make a lady jealous? 5 things will definitely make your girl feel jealous.

Compliment other girls

Why look for a convenient situation to cause jealousy in a woman if you can create it? There are a lot of girls around with whom you can just speak nicely and pay inconspicuous compliments – such behavior will surely cause jealousy in your loved one. Any attention that you give to other ladies will cause jealousy and discontent of your girlfriend. This is part of being a woman! Besides, you can compliment any girl (even a single girl online) as you are not going to date her, so there is no need to choose someone special. But note that all the compliments should be paid within the sight of your girlfriend. This is one of the most helpful tips on how to make your girl jealous!

Ignoring her

Try to ignore your girlfriend for a while and even keep out of her sight. Let your beloved be left alone with her thoughts and guesses where you have disappeared.

What to do at this time? While your girlfriend is trying to contact you, do not waste time in vain. Put your appearance in order: bulk up, change your wardrobe, make a new hairstyle, etc. Engage in personal growth: develop qualities that attract women (courage, self-confidence, arrogance, etc.). If you have some problems with your studies or at work, make time to fix them.

The duration of your disappearance depends on how long you are in a relationship with the girl: the longer you communicate, the more you should not see each other. When the trick is done, you suddenly appear. Be friendly and well-disposed, but do not tell everything about yourself. You should be a little mysterious, so keep something back. Thus, your girlfriend will have more questions: where you were, what happened to you, why you disappeared, have you communicated with young women seeking men, etc.

how to make your girl jealousTalking about ex

Communication with your ex-girlfriend is one of the best ways to make a girl jealous. Your girlfriend will surely consider the fact that you still maintain communication with the ex, spend a lot of time together, and talk a lot about your former partner is a sign that you haven’t forgotten her yet. However, do not overdo it, otherwise, your beloved girlfriend will think that you still love the ex.

Enjoying days without her

In fact, many people spend most of their time at home, sitting in front of a computer. They have not so many interesting and fascinating things to do in their free time. It applies to both girls and boys. But just imagine that at one moment, you stop sitting at home all the time and start enjoying days without your beloved woman: go to the stadium, ride a bicycle, go to the gym, or do something else. Thus, your girlfriend understands that you have some kind of activity that not only captivates but also completely absorbs you. First, the lady neither likes nor dislikes your new hobby and then starts thinking, “Why is he so happy going there?” “What is he doing there?” “Are there any women who flirt with him there?” Your beloved will be jealous and worried every time you go there. After you achieve the desired result, you just need to stop talking about this hobby, and your girlfriend will gradually cool down.

Forgetting about her plans

If you want to know how to get a girl jealous, try to be less available for your beloved. Do not change your plans or schedule for the sake of your girlfriend. Instead of harboring aspirations and building plans with your loved one 24/7, you should try to do quite the opposite thing. For example, if you planed out to do something together with your girlfriend, you can “accidentally” forget about the arrangement and attend to your affairs. Consequently, the girl will think about what can be more important for you that you neglect plans with her.

Signs That a Girl Is Jealous

There are no people who have never had a feeling of jealousy. Girls experience it especially often. To say more, this feeling spurs on the representatives of the weaker sex to some weird and sketchy action that women do not even notice as, in reality, they are powerless to restrain themselves. So, there are 5 clear signs a girl is jealous.

Excessive vigilance

A relationship with a jealous woman is reminiscent of an action-packed detective story: a girl checks the location of her beloved hourly, looks over his mobile phone, gets into his pockets, and looks for every possible way to catch the man on cheating. It is one of the surest ways on how to tell if a girl is jealous.

Unreasonable frequent blaming

If a woman is jealous or suspects a man of cheating, her attitude toward him can change dramatically. A jealous girlfriend may begin to blame her beloved at every opportunity. Besides, female jealousy is characterized by wanton aggression, frequent resentments, and unsubstantiated accusations. To fix the situation, a man should prove to a beloved woman his unwavering loyalty.

Relationship apathy

When a woman begins to be jealous, any man's attempt to invite her to go out somewhere, to do something together, or even just talk – is senseless. It happens because in the mind of the woman, there is a fixed idea that further interaction with the man is meaningless. All the representatives of the weaker sex are prone to going to extremes. Accordingly, the jealous girl has already mentally put an end to the relationship and does not wait for any explanations and excuses from her beloved. In this case, it is advisable to abandon attempts to cause jealousy and let the girl cool down – jealousy will disappear organically.

Talking about other men and flirting with them

In case a woman realizes that a beloved man pays little attention to her or does not notice her at all, the jealous lady tries to do everything possible to get the attention of the loved one. Therefore, you will understand that your girlfriend is jealous as soon as she starts flirting with other guys or mentioning them in a conversation with you as the girl wants to check if you still love her and get jealous as well.


In fact, the representatives of the weaker sex know how to hide and suppress true feelings properly. And guys, in turn, often have no idea why women act one way or another. Therefore, listen and watch your girlfriend attentively while trying to make her jealous. After all, when a girl experiences the next fit of jealousy, you may hear some uncreditable answers to the simplest questions. For example, “What’s up?” – “Nothing,” “How are things at work?” – “As usual.”

Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Jealous Without Hurting Her

Have you ever wondered why would a guy try to make a girl jealous? Maybe the object of your courtship does not respond to the signs of your attention and show no interest in you at all? Well, if millions of scarlet roses, compliments, and invitations to a romantic dinner do not affect your queen, then it is time to move on to a sharp tactic – master the tips on how to make a girl jealous without hurting her.

Show attention to other women

This is the most common and dangerous method that guys often use to provoke jealousy in a girlfriend. It consists in the fact that a man begins to communicate with other women, maintaining a warm relationship with them, and creates a “threat” to his girlfriend.

making a girl jealousYou should clearly understand that you need to communicate with a large number of girls at the same time so that the "threat" comes from everyone bit by bit. If you begin to communicate with some particular lady, then your girlfriend will perceive this as pure cheating, and something irreparable will happen. Moreover, try to make your communication easy and relaxed, it is advisable to do this either openly on the Internet or in a large company of friends. If you start opening your heart to this lady or walking with her on a one-on-one basis, then again, this will be too much for your girlfriend. Therefore, your choice is easy communication with a large number of girls, so to say, you are “the life and soul of the party” and nothing more.

Arrange an “accidental” meeting with long-standing female friends within the sight of your girlfriend

You should prepare for this trick in advance. Ask your female friends (whom your girlfriend does not know) so that they approach you during a date with your girlfriend. For example, you can arrange such a meeting in a cafe, cinema, or park. Ask your female friends to talk to you as if you haven't seen each other for a long time, and they really missed you. Also, ask them to invite you to go out somewhere. At the same time, make sure that everything looks convincing, otherwise, your beloved will understand that there is something wrong about it.

If you want to prove to your girlfriend the strength of your feelings and the seriousness of intentions, then in plenty of time, ask one of your female friends to give you her number. And when your friends go away, tell your beloved that you do not need this number at all and demonstratively throw it away.

Maintain a secretive correspondence with someone

Try to keep up a correspondence at least for a while during a date with your girlfriend or ask someone from your acquaintances to write to you more often when you are together with your beloved woman. And when you read the messages within the sight of your loved one, try to smile sweetly and laugh a lot, but do not tell her about the message content and who sends them to you. Only when the girl begins to ask questions, say that it is your dad or someone from your friends who send you funny jokes. In the short run, your girlfriend will become very nervous.

Set passwords on your phone and computer

As soon as such trifles as your call history and personal messages in social networks cease to be accessible to your beloved, the thought of the existence of some other woman will immediately come into the mind of your girlfriend. You can explain such behavior with the usual desire to protect your personal information.

Talk about another woman

In a conversation with your girlfriend, try to mention a lady you have met just recently or whom you have known for a long time (classmate, work colleague, old friend) and highlight some positive qualities of this woman. Moreover, it is worth focusing on the fact that this lady is attractive, and many men would like to date such a woman. In order not to hurt your girlfriend, you should immediately say that she is the best and you love her. Such behavior will cause slight jealousy in your beloved, but at the same time, will not lead to any negative consequences.

Final Thoughts

To cause jealousy in a girl or not is up to each and everyone. A guy needs to understand that jealousy does not always give the expected result. It can be both destructive and creative. The main thing is to put this feeling to good use. Girls are different, as well as their reactions to the fact that their beloved boyfriends flirt with other ladies. The more passionate a girl is, the more she is prone to various fits of jealousy. However, some calm young ladies build relationships only on fidelity and tranquility. Some people believe that jealousy is a sign of love, others prefer to build relationships on tender emotions. First of all, you should consider the personality traits of a girl you are dating, and then, cause the relevant feelings.

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All the girls that I had were very jealous. I didn’t even have to make any efforts to cause jealousy. I only needed to say something about another lady – and Presto!
12.02.2020 01:02
All the girls that I had were very jealous. I didn’t even have to make any efforts to cause jealousy. I only needed to say something about another lady – and Presto!
02.03.2020 11:28
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