Why and How Women Fake Orgasms

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“Oh, she is faking it again,” said no guy ever. In fact, men are pretty much blind when it comes to sex. All we want is just getting satisfaction, and being in the moment excludes the fact you got to be a real Sherlock Holmes. She might be screaming and twitching her legs like in porn, but that doesn't give any guarantee the girl is having a real orgasm.

why women fake orgasm

Why Girls Fake Orgasms?

How many women fake orgasm? More than you think, my friend. Women are great actresses, inside or outside the bedroom. The greater part of the female representatives frankly admitted that they sometimes fake satisfaction: 37% resort to simulations seldom, and 16% confessed that pretending in bed is a common thing for them.

Undoubtedly, women are very complex creatures. But why do they fake orgasms? According to the survey, the main reasons are: the desire to flatter the partner (53%) and the long absence of real orgasm (18%). Less often, as the justification for their deception, women call the desire to stop sexual intercourse sooner - 9%.

Among those who imitate satisfaction to flatter a loved one, one in ten women simulates orgasm several times a week, and slightly more than half (55%) - several times a month. It is noted that the representatives of this group have a very active sex life. So, 53% of ladies have intimate affinity 2-3 times a week, and 22% - once a week. In most cases, women caring about a partner's self-esteem simulate orgasm when outside thoughts prevent them from concentrating on a love act (41%) or because of poor health (18%).

What is a fake orgasm? A fake orgasm is a complex process of artificial moaning, biting the lip or some other “attractive” and “real” behavior that makes males think a woman is on cloud nine, when in fact girls may acquire better satisfaction while masturbating in a shower or making a sandwich.

We all know that people are programmed in order to receive satisfaction and enjoy life. And one of the main areas in our life is sex, which brings us joy, but it can be a source of pleasure as well as the reason to be disappointed. So, why do women fake orgasms?

1. To end the intercourse sooner. This is the most common cause. Women are faking orgasm to encourage the man and prove that he managed to succeed with his work, giving him joy at the same time. Very often, a woman does not want intimacy with a man when she has certain problems that concern her. It can be a sick child who constantly coughs in the next room. Or the woman had problems at work, it was a very difficult day or something serious happened to her in life. A woman wants to come home and relax, forgetting about her problems. However, here she is expected to deal with the ‘duties’. After all, a woman must perform the marital duty, look after the children, be a good mistress, and be an excellent lover for her man. When a girl does not want sex and she has to be nice in order not to disappoint her man, this is similar to coercion. Coercion is certainly not rape, but very similar to it.

faking orgasm2. A woman does not want to offend her man. It happens that a woman sees all the attempts, so she tries to reward him for all his efforts not to offend him and not to show that she does not have any mood. But you must understand that this is not fair at all. Although there are women who believe that they are doing the right thing. For his interest in her, she played real passion and now they are equal in their cravings.

3. Frigidity of women. In fact, frigid women are almost non-existent. This is a psychological problem and it can happen if someone told a woman that she is frigid. And this problem is difficult to solve without a qualified specialist. A woman with such problems simply cannot enjoy, so she constantly imitates an orgasm, but her man does not know about it. A girl just had a psychological stress, with which she can cope, seeking help from the sexologist.

4. Women cannot reach orgasm at all, because they have never experienced it with a guy. Statistics show that this happens more often with young girls (according to different studies, they are 28-42%) than with older women (8-15%). Of course, above all, this is due to experience, as well as knowledge of your own body. But studies of sexual behavior show that women who receive orgasms often and easily have one distinctive feature - they take responsibility for the culmination of the sexual act themselves. Do not rely on telepathy: if something does not suit you, you should definitely discuss this with your partner.

5. A woman cannot reach orgasm with a certain man. It is possible that with the previous partner you were uninhibited in sex and enjoyed it, and now you are disappointed and cannot admit this to your lover. But, in order not to upset him, you ... just pretend. This is a more difficult question, because the advice to "change your partner" will be completely out of place. However, a girl should better think not about how to "change a man for another", but how to teach him or learn something new yourself.

The Psychological Approach To Fake Orgasms

Fake orgasms are not meant to be insulting for a man, neither do they degrade a girl as a lover. This is a complex problem that needs to be figured out together. Here is what psychologists recommend:

1. Do not punish her for being "cold." Imagine a man who has never experienced ejaculation in his life (although people say it is quite possible to delay it). Of course, everyone will think that something is wrong with him. After all, in order to evade the criticism of a partner or look guilty, he will also pretend.

2. Let her "finish" first. After all, if the level of moisture is low, the sexual act will bring unpleasant sensations. She does not need to have great acting skills to whisper to her partner in his ear: "Are you ready? My love, do not hurry, let's do it together". After all, many men believe that a woman is excited as quickly as they are. But it is not always the case…

3. Imitating an orgasm, women manipulate a man. Women think so: if you do not feel the satisfaction and do not fake an orgasm, it will "punish" and upset your partner, it will be an indication that he is a bad lover. In the opposite case, you can show that you easily reach an orgasm, which will encourage him. Several spasmodic contractions of the body and languid moans - what will it cost you? After all, a happy man in any case is better than dissatisfied.

But women now abuse this skill. One or two times it is okay to show this "performance" to one viewer, but it may be a bummer if she does it every time.

4. Women should not deceive themselves. The decision to fake an orgasm is, as a rule, temporary. However, it may take a month, six months, five years of marriage - and nothing will change. Systematic simulation can fix in the mind and replace itself with orgasm. The only advantage of this scam is that a woman who simulates pleasure gets rid of the obsessive feeling that she needs to achieve it in order to experience real moments of bliss. In the end, they say that Marilyn Monroe herself had to pretend...

how many women fake orgasmIn any case, recommend your girl to understand why she does not experience sexual discharge, herself or with the help of a sexologist.

Orgasm does not arise suddenly, it is not a gift or an accident. This is a natural result of the accumulating pleasant sexual sensations, a number of physiological processes accompanying sexual arousal, which, unfolding for a certain time, ultimately leads or, alas, does not lead to orgasm. Without sexual arousal and pleasant sensations during sexual contact, orgasm is almost impossible. Thus, the process of achieving an orgasm by a woman is a process of awakening her sensuality, obtaining and accumulating pleasant sexual sensations when stimulating erogenous zones, increasing and intensifying sexual arousal.

The erogenous zones of a woman are very diverse. Virtually any part of the body in a particular situation can be an erogenous zone. First-order erogenous zones include the ears, neck, interscapular region, bottom of her tummy, breasts, inner thighs. The impact on them, as a rule, does not lead to orgasm, but causes excitation and increases the sensitivity of second-order erogenous zones. The latter are located in the genital area: large and small lips, the area of entry into the vagina, the perineum and especially the clitoris. The impact on them causes orgasm. This difference is important for women's sexuality. Erotic effects on second-order erogenous zones in the absence of appropriate erotic readiness can not only fail to excite but be unpleasant, irritating and even painful. So, even too much pleasure can be harmful to women.

Sure Signs That A Girl Fakes Orgasms

Here we are at the essence of the article. How to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm? It is not easy, but quite possible!

1. First of all, when a person has an orgasm, it’s hard to be nice and you are rarely shouting someone’s name. If she cums, she should sweat a little. She should get hot, her body temperature should go up. If the body does not warm up at all, she fakes it.

2. Her muscles will contract, this will feel like light spasms. This is especially noticeable on her press. You can feel it, it's a clear hint. If she didn’t not suddenly strain - she was imitating.

3. And finally, if you put your fingers inside her, you can feel it. Her vagina should contract about 10-15 times, and pretty quickly too. Of course, she can try and fake it, but it's impossible to strain the muscles at such a fast pace. Not all dudes know how to spot a fake orgasm, but you can learn this fast.

4. If sex ends with an orgasm, the body relaxes, and the woman wants to lie quietly, almost to sleep. And if a woman was excited but not discharged, then as a rule, she is still active for some time, because she did not get anything, and tries to get it - she is bothering her partner (kisses, conversations, etc.).

The knowledge of noticing a fake orgasm is very essential for every couple, because fair conversations can really take sex on the next level and let both of you be sincere with each other. Don’t keep silent if you feel deceived. Just relax and ask what could be better, just like Uber – “Hello, do you want to help us improve?” I am sure no person will be embarrassed or shy to talk about it!

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Every man is sure that he will be able to distinguish fake orgasm from real. I found myself in that trap many times, but thanks to such articles I know how to help a girl get satisfied.
02.03.2020 10:05
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