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Finding a good girl with whom you will be able to establish a long-lasting relationship is the hardest thing in our life. But this challenge is highly rewarding. If we make the right choice, then we will be rewarded with happy relationships for the rest of our lives. There is nothing better than a good woman. Sometimes we feel that we simply can’t find a person with whom we would like to spend our lives. In this case, one of the greatest options is to search for the best of hot european girls abroad. Read our article to find out about the country with the most single females.

beautiful foreign women

What You Need to Know about Foreign Women

Beautiful foreign women represent another culture. Sometimes their culture differs from our very significantly. It is crucial to learn at least the basic principles of their culture before you go to another country. Altogether seeking women abroad is an adventure that you may want to take. In this case, you should be ready for everything. It may be the best thing that you have ever experienced in your life or the worst one. There are many local single white females for you to choose from, and maybe looking for a woman abroad is not the best idea. It is always easier to establish a long-lasting relationship with someone who possesses the same cultural values as you do. But if you read this article, then you want to experience something new, so we have created a list of top 10 countries with the most beautiful women specifically for you.

The Reason to Meet a Woman Abroad

This is a completely different experience. Modern western women tend to care more about their careers than about establishing a long-lasting relationship with men. Plus, you won’t impress them with your gentlemen's behavior. This may only insult them. In this case, foreign culture feels like a breath of fresh air. You get a new experience and new challenges in your life. This all feels like a big new adventure, and at the end of this adventure, you may find a woman with whom you will spend the rest of your life. Men usually search for younger girls, and international relations are the best way to find what you seek. Not all international couples have a significant age difference. We recommend you to look for a partner who is approximately your age.

Some ladies demand a prince with a villa in the Canaries and some foreign gentlemen dream of a princess. Both of them find it difficult to realize their fantasies, so they are sitting on dating sites for years. But in the most established international families, a man is 5-15 years older.

Exotic Tips to Attract Attention

Scientists from Bochum University (Germany) have found that gait affects male attractiveness. They recruited hundreds of men with different walking habits and politely asked them to go back and forth past observant women. The cowboy gait with legs wide apart and elbows spread wide was unanimously recognized as the sexiest. Add a decent level of adventurism here. This quality unites the main characters of all romance novels and movies. Women are fascinated by communication with men who like to do extreme, exciting, unusual, and even dangerous things that can live in the present day. The world of adventure fascinates and mesmerizes women. Moreover, they consider adventurism to be very sexy.

There is a slight paradox here. Women like men whom they cannot control or predict their actions. They are obsessed with guys who flirt and give them signs of attention and then disappear for a while. Predictability becomes attractive when a woman seeks to find a husband. In this case, the woman wants to live with a very predictable man.

countries with best looking womenTips to Understand a Foreign Culture

This is your alpha and omega if you want to go abroad to find a woman there. The best way to impress women from other countries is to show that you respect them and their culture. Of course, some women don’t care about that, but are you sure that in your relationships they want you and not your money? The less your new foreign girlfriend cares about her past country, culture and other important for every decent person things, the higher the risk is that she is a gold digger and just seeking for a new victim. As you see, it is crucial to be familiar with the culture of the country where you are planning to go. We are going to provide you with a couple of tips on how to understand the foreign culture.

1. Use the Internet

The Internet is the most powerful tool when it goes to learning something. Start small, read all about this country on Wikipedia. After you have learned something about your destination country, you should find forums, where people who have already been there, are sharing their opinions. After this step it is nice to take a short tourist trip there, to see everything with your own eyes. At this point, it is nice to try to find a woman from that country to have a chat with her. This will help you get closer to the culture of the chosen country.

2. Her native language is important

No, we are not telling here that you must spend two years of your life on studying the language of the chosen country unless you are planning on staying there forever. If not, then it is up to her to learn English to be able to live with you here. But it is always nice to know at least basic words and phrases in her language. Because language highly represents local culture, and you simply can’t miss that part. Plus, it will make your communication easier because not everyone knows English well yet.

3. Visit museums

Do you remember our first tip? The part about your first short tourist trip to the chosen country. So, during this trip, it is perfect if you visit all the bars in the city and find some time to go to museums, exhibitions and other places of interest. This will help you a great deal to learn the culture through history. Find what was the most important event in the history of this country and learn all about it. Plus, this tip will help you understand whether you like that country in general or people here are disappointing.

4. Talk to people

Don’t be ashamed and afraid of talking with people who know something about your chosen country or who lives there. Of course, every person has their own opinion, but this tip will help you form your picture of the chosen country and its culture. Try to be an open and positive person. Openness is perfect when you are dealing with people, and your positive attitude will keep you safe from many problems that may appear in a foreign country. But don’t forget about caution too.

The Best Places to Find Your Love

Many say that you should not look for your love, supposedly, she will find you at the right time. However, in the modern world, when almost all the free time you have to devote to work and career, it is hardly worth relying on fate in the search for the second half. At a young age, as a rule, we don’t think about where to find our soulmate, dating is easy and unobtrusive. Our relationships develop into a beautiful novel or disappear after several dates. But for older men who are looking not only for the opportunity to have a good time but also a reliable life partner, it is getting harder with the time to get acquainted. However, even if you have faced this problem, don't despair and put up with your loneliness. Because single women are also looking for their soul mates, you just need to determine the best places for dating.

Spanish significance for living

Spain is one of the largest European countries, which is proudly located, or rather, almost completely occupies the Iberian Peninsula and is officially called "the Kingdom of Spain." A sovereign state with a centuries-old history of its traditions and unique interesting culture. As you may know, Spain is one of the countries with best-looking women. We are entitled to introduce you to the beautiful Spanish women. They are as ardent as passionate and emotional as bullfighting.

Attempts to achieve a Spanish girl are akin to the conquest of conquistadors. And their intriguing character stands in line with the intrigue in a beautiful and intense football match. Well, and, perhaps, imagining the Spanish beauty, we see the image of an impressive and at the same time a playful lady with a golden tan because Spain is a sunny country, famous for its many magnificent beaches.

The climate in Spain is very warm thus people who live there usually have an explosive character, and if you had to describe Spanish ladies in one word, choosing from "Love" and "Passion," then definitely it would be "Passion," without any doubt. Girls from Spain have some unique individual traits that make them struggle for independence. At first glance, they look strong and inaccessible.

In Spain, few people strive to build a serious relationship at an early age, they enjoy their youth quite dissolutely, in the good sense of the word. Here, in a relationship with girls, the ability to have fun is rather more appreciated than to care. Gifts, flowers, a romantic dinner, all this won’t make such an impression as, for example, incendiary pair dances until the morning at the club.

The appearance of Spanish women is fascinating at first sight, they seem impregnable, which in itself beckons, but at the same time, there is certain licentiousness and a desire to make new acquaintances. They like to chat, and they do it quite loudly as if they don’t know anything about some kind of constraint. They can easily make a scene in a crowded place, not paying attention to what is happening around. On the one hand, their appearance is not outstanding, but on the other hand, something is bewitching in them, as if their character is a part of their alluring appearance.

country with the most single femalesLoving women in Mexico

You have probably heard before that Mexico is considered a mystical country. Although this is only true to some extent, I still really want to tell you about some of the facts about their girls that have seemed most important to us.

Women here, as elsewhere, want to enter into committed relationships so much! After all, it is considered much more “prestigious” than being single. However, Mexicans want to do it successfully. They want their men to be rich, smart, handsome, and they should love them madly. Their requests for a perfect male are quite large. And all these intrigues that are shown in Mexican “soap operas” are not very far from the truth. However, in such a series, not a single woman will fight for the love of some drunkard, who has been recently released from prison.

All this is quite typical for most urban residents. In provincial cities and villages, which, even adjacent to the largest centers of the country, people manage to exist completely separately. They worship and practice still ancient traditions, and if to be true, they practice what remains of those traditions. Until now, the traditions of early relationships, a large family, etc. can still be alive. But civilization keeps pushing on them, and even in such places the ancient customs of the ancestors gradually recede into the past. Steady, but slowly. For better or not, you won’t say for sure.

Beauties in Brazil

Perhaps, in terms of appearance, people in Brazil represent many races. People there represent almost every race. It is easy to meet people who look like European and African, but the bigger part of the population there are Latin American. It is not the looks, but personal traits that make Brazilian women special. Brazil is the best country for euro Latin dating.

Parents, grandparents, and children are in the center of attention of any Hispanic girl. Thus, they are concerned about relationships here since childhood. The norms of society in which it is nice (unlike, for example, in Asian countries) to openly express your feelings only warm the situation, and the open-minded philosophy can untie your hands. There is a big difference for Brazilians between acquaintances and relationships. It is easy to become friends with them, but it is very hard to start a relationship.

Yes, in Latin America, society is less conservative and freer in matters of personal relations. But at the same time, there is a clear line between dating and serious relationships. With all the seeming frivolity, seriously interested Brazilian women can be extremely faithful. Besides all the adventurism and some recklessness of the Brazilians, they will just as happily live a quiet family life. But they are always ready for adventures with their family. Family is what is important in Brazil.

Another point that distinguishes the girls in Brazil from the representatives of other countries is what is often called “hot blood.” They love real emotions, love, suffer, cry, swear, no matter what, the main thing is to not keep all your emotions inside, let them go, and you will easily find a Brazilian girl.

And probably the main important trait (not counting the openness, goodwill, sociability inherent) of Brazilians is their charm. We can still somehow argue about their appearance, but everyone has their taste. But the fact that Brazilian women are very pleasant and nice in communication is an empirical fact. And if we talk about such subjective things as beauty, then, of course, everyone can choose something for themselves.

Perfections in Russia and Ukraine

Without any doubt, Russia and Ukraine are the countries with best-looking women. It is very easy to recognize a Russian or Ukrainian girl in any country. Even without heels, a Russian or Ukrainian woman will pass you by so that your neck will turn after her automatically. And the point here is not only a beautiful appearance but also how a woman holds herself and how she moves. Nowadays, Western women are often afraid to demonstrate their femininity due to modern tendencies, they tend to dress casually and don’t use makeup. This is not the case with Ukrainian and Russian girls. Girls in those countries usually don’t follow those modern trends. They have a completely different approach to this life. Don’t expect them to be your home slaves. Only in Russia and Ukraine, they say that a man is a head, but a woman is a neck. The neck controls where the head is turned. Russian and Ukrainian beauties know how to gently control their men.

Some say that after the Russian and Ukrainian girls, no one can go back to dating other girls. Because loving Russian and Ukrainian girls will stand for their husbands no matter what. Treat them with love and respect, and they will become your treasure. No matter what problems you will face together, if you love each other, she will always be on your side.

best of hot girlsAltogether Ukrainians are beautiful, economical, charming, sincere, loyal, often smart. Women from Ukraine and Russian care about their appearance much. They will never go out without makeup. Most of them know how to cook and believe that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. Ukrainian and Russian women are in constant search of a potential victim of their beauty and charm. And since there are more beautiful girls in Ukraine per capita than in any other country in the world, the competition among the female part of the population is very serious.

Among Russian girls, one can meet blue-eye blonds, dark-eyed, dark-skinned, burning brunettes, and red-haired beauties with freckles. This is possible because of historical blood mixing. Ukrainian girls are very different, but there are some common features too. For example, most of them have brown eyes, less often green, full beautifully contoured lips, straight nose. Their real hair color is a mystery because they tend to frequently change it. But usually, they are brown-haired.

Thai stunning beauties

Most single females live in Thailand. Thai girls don’t like to discuss problems, and even more so to admit their mistakes. If you invite a Thai girl on a date, and she will be half an hour late, she won’t even bother to explain why it has happened. For her, this is a real trifle! Anyway, the inhabitants of the Solar Kingdom don’t like to be sad for something for a long time and spread out their apologies for all sorts of trifles. They just try to get the best from life.

A Thai girl is especially beautiful if her parents have different nationalities. For example, the mother is Thai, and the father is European. By the way, this does not apply specifically to Thai girls. This feature of mixing nationalities is valid all over the world. Girls of Thailand don’t always turn out to be similar to ordinary looks. They take facial features mainly from a partner’s race. Perhaps that is why most Thai women like men of the Caucasian race.

Over the past couple of centuries, Thai ladies have grown a lot in the eyes of Westerners. They have grown long hair and begun to dress nicely. Now they tend to hide from the sun because they want to have white skin. The types of Thai beauties are not so diverse, but for those who are conquered by their beauty, they will sparkle like a brilliant with many faces, each time opening a new level of their beauty. Their almond-shaped dark brown eyes are not narrow, as in Japanese or Chinese women, but they are slightly slanted. The rounded face looks more like a peach with its tender cheeks, and not like an apple. The nose is not striking in its diversity. It is usually pretty short. The mouth is always small and with swollen lips.

Thai women love and respect their traditions because traditions are a highly important part of their lives. Be careful with dating websites because chances are high that you will meet there a hooker, who tries to find new clients. Also, you may meet a ladyboy there too. If you don’t like surprises, then it is better to ask for a girl’s ID ahead. It is pretty normal there.

Japanese and Vietnamese women

An interesting feature of the relationships in Japan is that quite often the initiative to meet and develop relationships in Japan comes from a girl. Moreover, this is a recent trend by no means. This feature of inter-gender relations has been characteristic of Japanese society for a long time. From ancient times, it was so common in the country of samurai that if a girl liked a man, then she simply went to him and offered to marry her.

And here is the refinement of Japanese nature. To express her proposal, a girl in Japan does not necessarily have to use words. If someone is fond of Japanese cinema, then they can certainly watch scenes where the Japanese silently declare their love to each other. Often this scene looks like this: a lady slowly moves in the direction of a man, comes up and sits beside him; the girl has a smile on her face, she admires the sunset or admires the beauty of sakura blossoms. If a man sends back his smile, hugs the girl, then we can assume that the explanation has been successful.

Aside from the fact that Japanese women like white men, almost all of them are looking for a groom, focusing on the possession of these “three heights.” These "heights" include high education, high income, and their lover must be tall. Naturally, not all Japanese beauties manage to find such boyfriends for themselves since a man only has a high status and high income over time, when he has already turned 30 or even 40 years old. Despite all the difficulties with finding a partner, any Japanese man has a chance to enter into a relationship with a decent girl. When approaching a certain age, women in Japan are forced to slightly lower the bar of their requirements, if a boyfriend who matches the previous requirements has not appeared.

If you want your girlfriend to be smart, beautiful, docile, and economic, then where should you search for someone like that? Haven't you guessed yet? Well, of course, in Vietnam! Vietnamese girls are becoming more and more popular all around the world. In Vietnam there are way more girls than boys because of this fact girls are forced to look for husbands in foreign countries. The most popular countries where they search for husbands are China and Japan. But they have recently started to pay their attention to Westerners too. Vietnam is a very poor country, girls from small villages may have no other choice but to find a foreign husband who will take them with him into the new life.

The Westerners are very fond of the Vietnamese spouses. Because in comparison to Western women, Vietnamese girls are prettier and have a more exotic appearance. Secondly, they are grateful for all sorts of little things and are not spoiled. Vietnamese girls aren't picky. They are accustomed to working, modest, well educated, beautiful (the most beautiful of all Asian people, regularly ranked in the top ten at worldwide beauty contests).

Exotic Eastern females of Indonesia and the Philippines

The Philippines is a delightful country that attracts with the charm of natural beaches, paradise vegetation, different attractions, relaxation for everyone, and with the easiest girls in the world. But their real pride is their girls, whose exotic beauty can be admired tirelessly.

Asian women looking for older menGirls of this country are endowed with such a natural and amazing appearance, bestowed by nature, that they don't need additional methods to look better. Filipinos hardly use makeup, and their clothes are simple (most often it's a T-shirt and shorts). Dark-skinned by nature, they don't chase after a tan. You won't see a Filipino girl on the beach catching a sun. Like most Asian women, Filipino women and girls are short. An elegant and fragile figure is their pride. The thin legs of the

Philippine girl can easily disarm any man. The facial features are so good that tourists from all over the world come to admire them: Asian eye shape, small and neat nose, resinous-black shiny hair, a magnificent smile, and snow-white teeth.

Many Europeans dream of having an Indonesian spouse. It is also interesting that the girls can easily be with a white-skinned foreigner, and they are not afraid of the financial problems of the groom or his age. Many Asian women looking for older men find their love there. This explains why there are many couples in which, next to the young beauty, you will see an elderly European or American in Indonesia.

Obedient and non-conflict Indonesian woman is a real treasure for family relationships. Many of the girls do not have a full education, and this does not allow them to get ahead of their men in any matters, and even more so to argue. Such a woman will become an ideal spouse who will admire her husband and obey him implicitly. And if you take your time and efforts to educate her, then she will become the most loyal girl in the whole world.

Real Expectations from Dating

Your expectations may differ from a country to a country where you search for your future girlfriend. In one country you will see girls who are tired of men’s attention and want their man to be something absolutely incredible. In other countries, girls are modest, shy, and calm. Some girls may want only money from you. You have to be very careful because if you enter into a committed relationship with one of those girls, then you will have to spend time with all her relatives and help them with everything.

In any case, you have to tell your future girlfriend what you expect from your relationships. Try to be as honest with her as possible, pay attention to her reaction. She has to be completely honest with you too. Only in this case, you both will manage to establish a good long-lasting relationship.

Don’t expect that the first girl you meet will become your lover. It is irrational. It is always better to take your time and see what girl the best for you is. Relationships hardly appear out of nowhere. Short tourist trips will help you see whether you like the culture and girls of a particular country, and only then you can try seriously search for a life partner there.

Values and Particularities of Such Decision

It is important for you to clearly understand how you see your future relationships. What do you want from your girlfriend? Would you like her to be shy, modest, and calm? Does she have to stay all the time at home, and take care of your children? Or maybe you want her to be a bright star of your life. Besides, there are other problems. For example, it won't be easy for her to get used to the absence of ubiquitous smiles on our streets (if she is from the West), or bowings (if she is from the East).

Also, you are not familiar with the rules in a foreign country. At first, they will seem fascinating and exotic. But over time, they will become annoying. You are used to behaving in a certain way, and over time, you will notice that this also annoys the locals.

You have to be very careful if you don't want to offend someone. You will need to learn the traditions if you don't want to find yourself in a stupid position. Yes, this is interesting only at first. But in a new country, there may be so many unusual nuances that it will only complicate your life.

But on the other hand, you are from different countries and cultures. Your family homes are separated by thousands of miles, but you have overcome everything, and you are together now. This is something to be proud of.

The Right Choice

It is up to you to decide what country has the most beautiful women. As you can see, there are many benefits to have a spouse from a different country. At the same time, there is only one major drawback, which is the language barrier. Think carefully before making such an important step in life. This one con may block all the other pros for you.

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Decent girls for dating can be found in every country of the world. But I’m inclined to think from my own experience that girls from Ukraine are the most housewifely, attractive, and caring.
12.02.2020 00:47
Decent girls for dating can be found in every country of the world. But I’m inclined to think from my own experience that girls from Ukraine are the most housewifely, attractive, and caring.
02.03.2020 11:17
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