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It is not very easy for men and European women to achieve understanding in a relationship. This is a hard work to maintain mutual understanding and relationships with your loved one. At first, any relationship is so bright, amazing, rich, everything happens as in a romantic movie, as a rule, everything is perfect. People are happy; they are struck with beautiful feelings and bright emotions. But is it possible to maintain such a relationship?

quotes about compromising

After a while, everything changes. Relationships may become a kind of habit. Maybe, this is influenced by cohabitation, recurring problems or feelings that overfill you. There are many reasons for this. As you know, it is difficult to be alone. It is much harder, though, when there are two people. So, in order to maintain a relationship, you should compromise. And here is how you can do this.

Is it important to compromise to maintain a relationship?

What is compromising? It means to sacrifice own desires for the sake of something or someone. Yes, it is difficult. Every time people compromise just to avoid making new mistakes. But in the end, we remain alone with our principles. “Should I betray myself for the sake of a loved one? Is it a too big price? Do I need to change and adapt to another person? Isn’t it enough to remain oneself?” - we ask. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a person who will accept you as you are. And even if you have such a partner, there is no guarantee that you will not have disagreements living together and there will be no everyday problems.

All people compromise in a relationship. And being among people, we are forced to adapt to each other. Compromising in relationships is necessary but it shouldn’t change your life as a whole, shouldn’t prevent you from developing spiritually, and you shouldn’t experience psychological discomfort. Of course, you agree to compromise for the sake of a loved one, to make that person happy. But it is not a fact that your understanding of love and happiness will coincide with your partner’s.

Why does misunderstanding arise? One of the reasons is the haste to arrange a personal life. Young people, not really knowing each other, begin to live under the same roof. It is not surprising that conflicts arise that develop into major squabbles. It is very difficult to stop at such moments. As a result, an annoyed or offended person utters words that are then regretted. It is easy to destroy a relationship. But, in the future, you will encounter similar problems. It’s much better to wait and compromise. It will become your point of intersection with your loved one.

As a conclusion, it can be said that compromises in a relationship are necessary, despite the fact that sometimes it is morally difficult. Something can be solved with the help of a compromise, something – not. The main thing to remember is that this is done for the sake of happiness and the preservation of love. But you shouldn’t overstep yourself, be humiliated, you should still have pride. Is it worth it? Everyone decides for themselves. But the answer is rather “yes” because it is important to remember that this is for the sake of a loved one that you yourself have chosen.

How to compromise in a relationship

Compromise in a relationship is the best solution for conflicts. It assumes the ability to yield to each other. It is common for some people to feel the approach of a quarrel, so think in advance about options for resolving a dispute. Such a soft transition allows you to understand a loved one and reduce the number of quarrels. And here are some more tips:

Rule #1. Give the right to individuality

We often expect from a partner the same reactions that are peculiar to us and don’t think that he/she may have other tastes, desires, or views (especially if partners are trying to talk about their feelings). We meet it with hostility, like something alien to us. But recognizing the difference is a manifestation of wisdom on our part. Don’t rush to draw conclusions and judge. Think more often about the fact that each person is a separate universe with its own laws. And it should be respected. The same concerns you: compromise in a relationship without changing yourself.

Rule # 2. Learn emotional needscompromises in a relationship

It is important for people in love to understand each other’s emotional needs and that they are different! In fact, it’s not easy to understand that a partner has own needs and accept them. This is a huge breakthrough! But here is a tip for you. You two should take a piece of paper and write what you want. It may take several days to formulate a thought. You have to be accurate – think carefully about what you really need (and this is not about material things).

Understand for yourself that the emotional needs of a loved one are the content of your responsibilities towards him or her. The secret is simple: if people feel emotional comfort, they become generous, easily compromise, show their best qualities, and it is comfortable to be with them. If you understand the emotional needs of your partner, then you will be surprised how little you need to give your relationship a positive direction.

Rule # 3. Don’t look for benefits

Do you want to develop a love relationship? You give but always wait for the same in return? Remember that love is always a sacrifice. Otherwise, it is exploitation. And if compromising in a relationship, we hope to get the same reaction in response (we are waiting for the benefits), it already looks like a business. There can be no self-interest and the search for benefits in love. Wise people are not afraid that others will not pay back and bring joy and pleasure. They are afraid not to fulfill their mission, their duties.

Rule # 4. Restart a relationship

Every family needs a sort of relationship upgrade from time to time. If you feel that misunderstanding arises between you more and more often, the struggle for interests means that it’s time to reboot. “What can I do for you? What do you expect from me? I would like to make your life a bit happier.” – It is so simple. But how rarely do we talk about it with loved ones and, most importantly, listen and accept what they answer? Try to ask about it as often as possible. This is how can compromise help strengthen a relationship.

Rule # 5. Help relax

Emotional dissatisfaction can be compared to a tense body. It is very difficult to do yoga when the body is not flexible. But if you relax, it becomes much easier to do. The same is true in relationships – it is easier for us to be kind, loyal, and indulgent if we cease to be afraid of trusting relationships. You need to fulfill the expectations of a partner, to help him or her relax (that is, to become more compliant), in other words, to trust. And believe me, your loved one will give you three times more.

Rule # 6. Don’t indulge the whims

Compromising doesn’t mean fulfilling the whims of a partner. Sometimes it is useful to say “no” to save a loved one from rash actions. In this case, a partner must understand why you refuse him or her.

Rule # 7. Listen to your loved one

If you have a hot temper, then pause. Let your partner speak out without interrupting or inserting caustic remarks. Watch your facial expressions, keep your composure. While a partner is speaking, take a breath and exhale, count to 10. After that, the desire to scream and humiliate an interlocutor will disappear. You are ready for a constructive dialogue.

Rule # 8. Don’t give in to a sudden impulse

Let’s imagine that your loved one is going to visit friends and you get bored. The best way out is to make a scandal and not to let a soul mate go to a meeting. Don’t go on about whimsical and selfish desires. Just tell your partner that you will miss him or her. Reach some agreement, for example, that you will go somewhere together the next time and come up with an activity for both you.

Rule # 9. Admit that you are wrong

For many couples, this is a serious and responsible step. The conflict is over and you understand that the discussion was wrong. Go to your loved one and admit to being wrong, ask for forgiveness. Tell him or her why you did it, what emotions you have now. Such situations bring people together.

Rule # 10. Control your emotions

Try to solve a quarrel at the time of occurrence. Don’t put an end slamming the door, packing things and going to your mother or friends. Don’t scold your loved one with bad words. Relationship and compromise are two inseparable things.

A relationship is an endless creative project in which two people participate! You mustn’t forget about it! If there is a place for co-creation, then it’s not up to the question of who is in charge here and who should surrender to whom. It is very important to just go to your loved one and ask for forgiveness. This is not a weakness. This is wisdom and proof of your love and a desire to be together.

Quotes about compromising

Over time, a relationship between a man and a woman lose its brilliance and brightness, and amazing moments of admiration for each other disappear somewhere. Feelings often recede into the background and it’s good if they don’t disappear altogether. But if two people love each other, they will nevertheless understand that someone must somehow compromise, otherwise no love will save a relationship. And here we have good quotes on this issue for different life situations:women in compromising positions

1. You should know how to compromise. A relationship is the art of compromise. Try to forget about excessive pride and stubbornness and give in to the person you love.

2. Even the best of relationships is always built on compromise. But how much can we sacrifice for the sake of another person before we stop being ourselves?

3. If you love a woman, compromise; whether she is right or not – compromise. This is the first rule in happy relationships.

4. To insist on one’s point of view often means to be stubborn. Reasonable compromises in a relationship are evidence of common sense.

5. One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that “my lifestyle will not change after a wedding”. Here are the inability and unwillingness to understand that the other person is really different. And he or she also has the right to own tastes, attitudes, and habits, like you do. And the only way to find harmony and happiness in relationships is a constant mutual compromise.

6. You have no idea what it takes to save a relationship. You have to make compromises. Is it always nice? No, but you have to do it because it’s not a joke. This is real life.

7. Changing a partner doesn’t solve the situation. Those of us who don’t want to adapt to another person and compromise, give way to trifles, take the path of loneliness.

8. When you don’t compromise for the sake of the person who is dear to you and don’t overstep your principles, be prepared for the fact that this person will step over you too, since few people can withstand that. People need to feel reciprocity.

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Building romantic relationships is a very difficult task. After all, women and men are different creatures, and it is impossible to live happily without compromises.
12.02.2020 00:21
Building romantic relationshipы is a very difficult task. After all, women and men are different creatures, and it is impossible to live happily without compromises.
02.03.2020 10:48
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