Long-Distance Relationship Cheating Signs to Note If You Suspect Your GF

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Cheating is an awful thing to do to your partner. It ultimately hurts someone’s feelings and leaves you the fool. Besides, the guilt will haunt you forever. Additionally, cheating is hard to detect, especially long-distance relationship cheating. 

You can’t be too sure about where your partner goes throughout the day, especially if you live in different cities, countries, or continents. Sure, there are going to be some worries about a long-distance relationship, and cheating is a part of it. So, if you are interested in what your partner has been up to and whether they are loyal, keep on reading. 

long distance relationship cheating

Why There Is Always a Doubt in Long-Distance Relationships?

“I think my long-distance girlfriend is cheating,” says one in three males about their relationships. And I cannot prove or disprove that fact because there are no long-distance relationship cheating statistics. 

See, we are afraid of things we cannot control. If this person lives in your house, you can control their behavior or get when they act sketchy, using all of your six senses. But when it's about a long-distance relationship, you have to trust and believe. You can’t visit them unexpectedly, smell cologne on their hair, catch them talking over a phone with someone who’s not you. So before you hop into searching pictures of single women, let me provide you with some data. 

Statistics say that 40% of all long-distance relationships are doomed. The average longevity of long-distance couples is 4-5 months. 70% of couples break up based on unknown or unexpected reasons. The most prevalent reasons are the inability to maintain a physical relationship, as well as different goals in life. But some of that percentage goes for cheating. I am sorry to break it up to you, but you should always stay cautious if you can’t get trust, or just leave these relationships if they’re putting you into too much stress. 

Key Signs of a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

Before starting a long-distance relationship you need to understand that all single women seeking single men have some idea of a perfect relationship. You need to pursue the goal of a good and healthy relationship before disappointing someone or being disappointed. Here is what you need to search for.

You are on the same page about your relationship

If you want a good long-distance connection, the first thing to establish is your attitude to the relationship. When you want to date for a serious life-long commitment, and the girl just wants to have some fun, it’s not going to work. You see, when two adult people pursue the goal of starting a relationship, they usually lay all the cards on the table. And it’s completely okay to talk about your priorities in life. People make terrible mistakes when they think some goals will tag along, they might forget they don’t want kids, etc. People don’t want to be changed, and it’s not in your power to force them to. So being on the same page from the start guarantees you a good basis. 

Common interests

To become a good couple, you should start as good buddies. Not that you can’t be physically or emotionally romantic. It’s just that with the absence of friendship, relationships never work. If you get irritated by small things they do or hobbies they adore, that will just bring a lot of negative energy. It all comes down to the same thing – don’t change people. You either want to be with them and appreciate their interests or choose another way. 

The trust is there

Especially when we’re talking about a long-distance relationship, trust is a must. How are you going to feel good about your day, nervously thinking whether your girlfriend texts or sleeps with another man? If you have those issues, you should address them. Or if your girl didn’t show a single red flag, you should do some soul searching and understand what triggered your trust issues with people. You will be able to make another person happy only by recharging yourself and understanding your problems. long distance relationship cheating signs

How to Recognize That a Girl Started Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship?

What are the signs of long-distance relationship cheating? How do you know if they are infidel via the web? Is it possible to detect any long-distance girlfriend cheating signs? Here are some major red flags that will give you a possible clue.

1. Your girl never has time for you

If you text her multiple times, she responds hours later with, “I am sorry, didn’t see your text.” That is a disturbing sign that either shows that your partner has time to entertain someone else, or they just show plain disrespect to you. Or they are busy indeed. Although I don’t believe in this one because for a loving person – if there’s a will, there’s a way. A simple text once a day can’t be that hard.

2. She stays up till late hours, leaving you in reading

When you see her online at 3 am, isn’t it suspicious? Well, some people just have a bad sleeping schedule. But what does she do after midnight that she doesn’t have time to reply to your text? What makes her stay that late online?

3. Your girl ghosts you a lot

If your relationships started as fire, and now she acts kind of cold with you, that can be an unfortunate sign she’s no longer into you. But that doesn’t necessarily read as signs she is cheating in a long-distance relationship. Just hear out her excuses. If they seem like a stretch, and she acts nervous, it’s a sign that she’s hiding something. 

4. She has found new connections but doesn’t want to talk about it

If your girl has recently met this boy called Derek from her art class who is “totally cool,” but then she stops talking about him or, on the contrary, can’t stop bringing him up, it’s a sign that your woman has a new crush. 

5. She asks you to take a break

And that can read as long-distance relationship cheating signs too. If you don’t have much going on as a couple, and then she suddenly cuts the chord, it’s the sign that your lady just wants some time to reevaluate your situation and understand whether she needs you at all. And if she doesn’t want to be sincere and open up about her fears, chances are, there is a third party involved. 

6. You see a lot of new connections in her friend list

Even though it’s not one of the direct long-distance cheating signs, it’s a clue that your woman has a lot going on in her life. She acquires new groups of friends and seeks the opportunity to step up her game. There is a possibility she finds some of those friends attractive.

7. She gets nervous if you bring up cheating

A person who has nothing to hide never gets in a defensive position. So, if your girl suddenly gets angry, too emotional or starts crying instead of calming you down, it is one of the signs of long-distance relationship cheating. 

8. She changed a lot

If your girl changed her talking patterns, her jokes, got edgier or softer, suddenly changed her religious or political views so much that you can’t recognize her, she probably found a stronger influence. Some guy got her so infatuated that your partner instantly picked up their behavior because people in love tend to do that at the early stages of a relationship. long distance relationship cheating signs girlfriend

9. She is weirdly abrupt

Did you ever get an impression that she just wants to get through with the call to move to something more interesting? Beware of that sign. If you feel that she treats your relationship as a routine, she may have found someone who is entertaining her more, and now she’s deciding to go or stay. Maybe she is too scared to break it down to you, that’s why she leaves you hanging. 

10. She doesn’t call you from home

If she calls you at the café or on the street on her way to work, it doesn’t say much about her fidelity. Maybe she is just a busy person. But if you call her during hours she is supposed to be home and she declines, phoning you the next day, there is a slight chance she’s not alone in there and just doesn’t want you to hear a male voice or vice versa. 

How to Deal With a Long-Distance Relationship Cheater?

Is there any "cheating in a long-distance relationship" advice? Can you forgive that person or pursue they shouldn’t give up on your connection because it will be better once you start living together? 

Get evidence first

Before blaming someone for cheating, don’t be so hotheaded and collect the evidence. I don’t recommend you infecting a file with spy software because it’s low. Many other changes can tell you whether the person is cheating. If you don’t trust your partner, call her suddenly and ask her to turn on Skype because you want to see something in a living room. Get a creative way to connect to her when she doesn’t expect. 

Decide what you need from this relationship

In a long-distance relationship, cheating is as unwanted as in a real-life relationship. So, if polygamy is not your priority, it is time to say goodbye to this person and end the infidel connection. If you want her to become your life-long partner, and she has already cheated on, she is not the best relationship material.

Have a real talk

Instead of beating around the bush and spending hours in horror and agony trying to understand if she’s cheating, just say that you suspect her on several pieces of evidence. A good person would say about it and open up, but it can go either way. If you are not persuasive enough, there are chances she just might get angry and tries to hide it better next time.

Being sure in your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship is hard. If you don’t have any chance of moving in together right now, just be open about your fears from the start. Talk about what you do and don’t want, say how much you value this connection, that cheating would upset you, and you are going to find out anyway. Nobody would want to hurt you knowing how much it means to you. Be confident and work on your trust issues. Everything is going to get better anyway. 

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