Can I Get a Hot Girlfriend If I'm Not Hot Enough for Her?

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Some people constantly wear masks or play someone else’s role in the hope of attracting some charming representatives of the opposite sex. It seems to them that they are not good enough the way they are, and it means they do not deserve respect and love. It is how the betrayal of your soul begins since you start searching for approval and pursue nonexistent perfection. Is it necessary to say that this idea is stupid and meaningless? You may say, “Oh you don’t need to find out how to get a girlfriend if you are ugly, so what can you talk about?” However, everything is much deeper here than it may seem at first glance. Let’s sort things out and find out whether an average dude can get a hot girlfriend on a single ladies dating site or real life.

how to get a hot girlfriend

The Scale of Attractiveness Is Very Personal for Every Person

You can say a lot about the modern era with all its weird trends and cool innovations. And it is necessary to mention the obsession of some people with the appearance and all possible manipulations that can be done with it. And even though fashion tendencies try to impose a certain vision of “beauty,” making a huge number of advertising campaigns, people continue to choose partners to their liking, who are often far from the accepted ideal. The very thing about it is that we are all different, starting with weight and ending with eating preferences, so it’s not surprising that our tastes and requirements for a potential partner will be different as well. A person who seems ugly for someone will be the most attractive in the whole world for someone else. And if men fall for female appearance in the first place – and they can say almost at once whether they want to start a love affair with her or not, then the situation is a bit complicated with the representatives of the fair sex. Women are more sensitive creatures, and they assess a man from different sides. It is more important for a woman how she feels next to the man then how attractive he is. A guy can consider himself ugly, while women can treat him as a great boyfriend material who can even manage to make her jealous. Usually, it is a combination of different character traits and behavior patterns that makes external data take a back seat. You can see that an average looking guy is dating a posh girl, while she believes that she has got a successful lottery ticket. The scale of attractiveness is an interesting thing that will be incredibly different for people. Thus, you may believe that a chubby girl can be just a friend and nothing more since you like slender girls, and someone else will consider her the hottest and the most attractive woman on the globe just because they are into curvy ladies. Besides, when you get to know someone better, you start paying much attention to their personal qualities rather than appearance. With age, you want to meet a person you will feel comfortable with and who will treat you with love and respect, so physical data become a secondary thing.

What Do Women Find Attractive in Men?

Many guys want to know how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average. After all, every guy can become a girl’s ideal even if he has nothing to do with Hollywood sex symbols. Certain tricks can simplify life and personal relationships with the opposite sex. In fact, girls like things in men that the latter don’t even suspect. Even the girls can deny it but secretly admire and love such men.

Some men attract from the very first meeting. Something just clicks inside, and strong chemistry arises, so you want to know everything about this person. Women willingly get acquainted with men who possess the following qualities. So, if you have no idea how to get a girlfriend, pay attention to the things that girls find attractive in guys.

1. Stylish appearance

It is a big mistake that women are crazy about handsome males with buff bodies. Well, of course, such women exist, but their number is not so big. If appearance causes sexual attraction, the biological mechanism is triggered: girls intuitively pay attention to healthier and genetically prosperous guys, whom they further consider as fathers of children. The classic type of men is about a good figure and broad shoulders. This type is treated better on an unconscious level. But it is not a reason to torment yourself with a question, “How to get a girlfriend if you're fat?” It does not mean that chubby men have no chance. Often a woman chooses a husband who is like her father. Therefore, it is not necessary to work on an ideally sculpted body. But you should keep yourself in shape and watch the appearance. It’s all about the right clothes, fresh haircut, perfume, and neat image.

2. Strengthhow to get a hot girlfriend if you're average

Even though feminism is popular nowadays, major girls still prefer the idea of being fair sex. They want to feel feminine and even petite in comparison with their guys. They want to feel their strength and some dominance when there is a feeling that you are as if behind a stone wall. Thus, most girls are looking for a stronger guy on the subconscious level as well, and nothing can be done about it. So, if you don’t know how to get a girlfriend if you're ugly (it can be a mistaken belief imposed by someone), you should develop your strong sides and show her in practice that you are masculine and powerful. This quality serves as a magnet and attracts all the girls. It’s not only about physical strength but also about mental and spiritual as well.

3. Purposefulness

One way or another, girls like guys who set goals and achieve them. Success and prestige are attractive things, and it is not that much about money, but about purposefulness and ability to win. Girls want to be with men who can stand out from the crowd and achieve the desired result. All women strive for a happy and free life. There is nothing wrong with a guy being rich and able to afford everything he wants. And it does not mean that girls like money in guys most of all, it means that girls like guys who have achieved at least something in life. They didn’t turn into couch potatoes who spend every evening in front of the TV set. How to get a hot girlfriend if you're ugly? Do not chase the girls, but start improving yourself and achieve at least some success in life.

4. Courage

Brave guys who are not afraid to approach girls have more chances to get acquainted and meet the best ladies. It relates to the natural inclinations of girls, and, as you know, nature cannot be changed. Therefore, a brave guy (sometimes even a bit cheeky) has much better chances to attract a girl. You might have run many times into couples where a man has an average appearance, and a girl is stunningly beautiful. How can it happen? A guy had enough courage to approach a girl and ask her out while more handsome men were doubting themselves and left it for later. Courage is one of the sexiest character traits in men.

5. Self-confidence

Confidence is half the success. A self-confident man looks masculine. He clearly understands who he is, what he wants from life, what goals he wants to achieve, and what kind of woman he sees next to him. He is the master of his life and will not allow anyone to influence the course of its events. A strong and unshakable position arouses respect in women. And such a man takes a win-win position in their eyes. Representatives of the fair sex feel completely safe, and they know that they can rely on beloved men who will have their backs no matter what. Self-confidence looks sexy, so you should work on this trait first. How do you get a girlfriend if you're shy? Work on your self-esteem.

6. Intelligence

Developed intelligence plays a crucial role when it comes to the attraction of women. And this is not about having a high education or high IQ. Women are attracted by interesting interlocutors that can make a conversation going on any topic. Most girls are sapiosexual, so they consider the brain to be the most attractive part of the man’s body. In many cases, smart guys win against the background of strong and buff brutal machos. Therefore, if a young man hasn’t developed his intellectual skills enough to be a good conversationalist, then a girl will become bored pretty soon and leave. Girls are attracted by men who are good at different topics and can entertain a lady with an interesting story.

7. Sensitivity

It may seem that such qualities put a man at a disadvantage. However, in fact, this means for most girls that the man is open to them and possess such an important quality as empathy. Of course, everything should be in moderation here when it comes to showing feelings and emotions. For girls, this is a signal that a man can be gentle, understanding, and sympathetic. It has an impressive effect on the female gender when they reflect on committed relationships and looking for a life partner. Just make sure to get rid of average looking guy syndrome and attempts to gain sympathy. It will not work out.

Important Fact to Consider Before You Decide to Get a Hot Girlfriend

Have you ever had to deal with a sense of worthlessness? Did you ever feel that you look like a loser in comparison with others? If you answered positively, you have taken the first step toward recovery: you realize that there is a challenge you should meet. You are not alone with your difficulties. Each of us experiences that sometimes. Feeling that you are not enough for a gorgeous girl can make you a better version of yourself or, on the contrary, destroy you. Most likely, you would like to choose the first option. And to implement that and get rid of insecurity in your capabilities, you should develop your personality.

Unhealthy self-criticism is the result of the “work” of others. At some point in their lives (most often in puberty), many became objects of ridicule due to some physical features: being overweight or thin, skin problems, and much more. All these ridicules have turned into complexes, and as a result, you grew up with a wild hatred for your big nose (even though it is normal). Now you can still face similar “jokes” and ridiculous comparisons. But the truth is that only people who are deprived of self-confidence speak openly about it. A confident person will never point out someone’s shortcomings or make fun of them. Moreover, sometimes what others consider a disadvantage may well be a cute peculiarity. You shouldn’t forget about that when you decide to engage in self-flagellation to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly

Every time you think that you're not good enough, go and do something. Cook a dish that you haven’t tried before, start jogging or working out. When you start to do something, instead of thinking about your drawbacks that prevent you from getting a girl, you will split this core of inferiority. Developing your personality, you will notice that there are more reasons to love yourself than to be involved in self-humiliation. If you feel insecure and compare yourself with others, it's time to stop. It is not easy, but necessary. Remember that each of us has something to offer to others and the world. It's just that everyone has different qualities.

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: What to Work on

You don’t know how to get a really hot girlfriend even though such a woman is your biggest dream? Then it’s time to work on your self-esteem and do your best to put off all the masks that prevent you from meeting a decent girl. Don’t forget that women can also suffer from the same problems. So, you should always try to approach a girl if she has attracted your attention. There is a lot of work ahead, and nothing is impossible. Consider all the above-mentioned traits that women like in men, and start working on yourself to change the situation for the better. How to get a hot girlfriend?

1. Examine yourself well

You have been living for so long, trying to match other people's moods and ideas, that you might have forgotten who you are. What do you want? What are your main life values that become a decisive factor in an ambiguous situation? It's time to fill in the gaps - stop focusing on attempts to please someone’s whims and desires. You should concentrate on your thoughts and feelings, find yourself, your interests, what makes you happy. It is not a riot but a correct setting of priorities. You will be able to find your perfect match only if you understand who you are looking for.

2. Look at yourself from a new angle

You are used to thinking that you know everything about yourself. You are aware of your virtues and weaknesses, relationships with others as well as the impression that you make on girls. But what if you are mistaken? Your perception of yourself could become blurred over time, and you might have started taking yourself for granted. It's time to take a fresh look at yourself. It’s high time to analyze your strong sides and ask friends about how they see you, what they like about you, and what may cause rejection. The chances are high that you will be surprised at what you hear, but this risk will make you rethink a lot.

3. Give up excessive control

It is impossible to save the whole world and be good for parents, colleagues, and everyone around you. You cannot affect other people's thoughts and moods, change the past, and bear responsibility for lazy and narrow-minded people. Stop worrying about this, and you should better concentrate on yourself, your behavior, lifestyle, thinking. The latter is difficult to correct, but it is a way toward your personal happiness.

4. Do not let fear lead your life

You can face numerous things that may scare you one way or another. It is not a reason to let fear control your life, especially if it deprives you of pleasures and new opportunities. You might be afraid to start working out, go on a trip, or approach a beautiful woman at the counter. However, if you want to break this vicious circle, you should do everything you are afraid of. Remember that women appreciate men’s courage. Yes, you may lose, but chances are higher that you will succeed.

5. Enjoy little things

Many people attach great importance to the result, and they turn a blind eye to daily lack of sleep, excessive pressure, and fatigue, torturing themselves again and again as well as forgetting to enjoy the moment. Think about perfectionism that makes you give up so many pleasures of life for dubious purposes. It is impossible to always be perfect, and everyone likes to win. However, failures help you grow, learn from mistakes, and maintain your humanity. Life is not just a series of goals, but also a path to them.

6. List your strong sides

Women fall in love with personalities. They highlight their strong qualities and check whether they fit their list of requirements to the potential partner. To be able to show your advantages, you should realize them. Sometimes it can be hard to convince yourself that you deserve love if your self-esteem leaves much to be desired. When you are negative about yourself, you immerse yourself in self-doubts and don’t notice how cool you are. If you want hot girls to pay attention to you and appreciate, you should value yourself first. List all your advantages, achievements, and things that can help you stand out from the crowd.get a hot girlfriend

7. Get along with your internal critic

This grumbler knows only how to always be unhappy, harshly criticize your motives, remind past failures, or scare you with a rich imagination. It loves you and tries to protect you from disappointments, but the chances are high that it brings more harm than good. Convince the inner critic to change the way of talking, become more friendly, open, and sympathetic. You should become your best friend, not an enemy. Thus, you will start approaching beautiful girls more often, and increase your chances of success.

8. Stop being afraid of vulnerability

If you keep everything to yourself, you destroy yourself from within. Unexpressed emotions, fears, and thoughts turn your life into a mess. Are you sure this is the best solution? All your negative feelings are normal. They do not make you a bad person but give information about the world around you. You should learn to trust the universe, share your excessive burden, and show your empathy.

9. Leave time for pleasure

Even if it seems to you that you do not deserve joys and concessions, this is not so. You get energy from pleasures; therefore, it is important to learn to take care of yourself. No matter how many worries you have, take time for small pleasant trifles. Go in for sports or immerse yourself in creativity, start walking, chatting with friends, shopping, and spend time with pleasure. A satisfied and happy man will attract wonderful women.

10. Work on your image

Any beautiful girl wants to be with a handsome man or boyfriend. However, handsome appearance is not just about the body and facial features, but the image in the whole. Hot girls don’t want to date and create serious relationships with guys who don’t take care of themselves. Thus, personal hygiene, beautiful and stylish clothes, hairstyles, and aroma should be the best friends of a guy who is not very handsome.

Do It No Matter What

It happens that we underestimate ourselves and look at the world through the prism of previous negative experiences. We project our fears and negative thoughts to others, limiting and depriving ourselves of the opportunity to find a perfect match. There are no ugly people. People may not love some parts of their appearance and exaggerate the scale of the catastrophe. You should love yourself first to be able to meet a woman who will follow your example and have a crush on you.

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