Dating a Bisexual Girl: a Comprehensive Guide

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Dating a bisexual girl can easily be quite an intimidating thing to experience. Is she constantly checking out every person passing by in the street? Will she eventually leave me when she realizes what she actually wants? Well, for all the newcomers to this topic, no and no again. Dating someone who is bisexual can be just like dating a Protestant, a tennis player, or a brunette. The point is, it doesn't really matter. Consider reading this article on bisexual women dating to put all your concerns away and be happy in your romantic relationship.

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Dating a bisexual woman: Things you should know

1. Yes, such girls exist

The matter is, they weren't just waiting for you to appear on their way and help them make up their minds. That’s it. So don't go to the pub with your buddies and tell you've attracted a lesbian girl. You really haven't.

2. She’ll not be defined by her relationship with you

From the viewpoint of a bi woman, being in a same-sex romantic relationship doesn't make her a lesbian. Not more than dating an opposite-sex partner makes her straight. Just make sure you don't erase the woman’s identity and past.

3. "Hey, do you mind a threesome?" is not the best chat-up line

Well, just no. Never ever. Bisexual doesn’t mean non-monogamous. That’s why, do not make assumptions. And in case you do find a bi lady who is not into exclusive romantic relationships only, it's still a really shitty chat-up line and will definitely instantly lessen your chance of continuing your fancy conversation with the girl, let alone open the door to hot group-sex possibilities. Yes, even when dating on Tinder or other dating sites in Europe. If only you could see her face when she opens the tenth threesome-suggesting message of the day.

4. You can trust her just as much as any other woman

Bi girls are no more likely to be cheating on you than any other female. Equally, they're certainly no more likely to jump at the suggestion of yours of having an open romantic relationship or to comply when you tell the girl to snog her mate when in a club just for a good laugh.

5. She won’t need a girlfriend on the side…

Perhaps one of the most offensive things you could ever do is to suggest that she is totally free to get it on with other girls simply because "it does not count as cheating" and other girls aren't a "threat" to your relationship. That's just so wrong on so many levels. With that, bisexual woman dating usually means having the ability to both love the girl and still letting her feel sexual desire for more than one gender.

6. or another boyfriend

Of course, she can live pretty much happily even without male penetration. A lot of bisexual girls out there are simply terrified of dating other bi ladies in case they might happen to "run off" with a dude one day. And we won’t even begin to count the real number of times some partners dropped the "b-bomb" in such situations and the girl you were having a conversation with suddenly needed to use the bathroom and then just a few moments later was spotted chatting someone else up in the other corner of the room.

7. No way she can be "greedy"

Contrary to a pretty common belief, she does not fancy the whole crowd in the street, not more than a straight girl fancies every single bloke. Woody Allen surely has quite a deal to answer with his famous "bisexuality doubles your chances on a Saturday night" quote.

bisexual woman dating8. You will get used to the girl’s "ex-girlfriend" jokes

In fact, it’s kind of cute when you can still do a little bit of double-take. After all, don’t worry. It's absolutely cool! She may want to share some of those painful teenage memories of the most cringe bra-hook moments (for sure, it still takes a good deal of practice, even if you can do it).

9. She’s absolutely sure she’s bi

It might well have taken her some guts to tell her man that, too, just because society still appears to be having much trouble getting its head round the phenomenon of bisexuality. Matter fact, you certainly wouldn't keep asking a straight chick if she is absolutely "sure" she is straight, so just don't be asking your bi girlfriend to reassess her sexuality. Believe it, bisexuality is not that comfy alcove for people to have a rest in while they can gather their inner courage to come out as their own selves, or just an effective way to impress random dudes at parties.

10. She can still be bi even if we haven't tried it

Most of us don't question a frantically masturbating teen when he says he likes those hot looking chicks from Playboy, so why question adult bisexual people? Not every bisexual individual has had an intercourse with more than one gender. Perhaps they have been in a long-term romantic relationship once. Or maybe they've felt shy, or somehow picky, or such an opportunity has never arisen. So, if a girl says she’s bi, she probably is. Nobody knows better than the woman herself.

How to date a bisexual woman: Essential things to remember

Unfortunately, most people would rather ask “would you date a bisexual woman?” or “should I date a bisexual woman?” types of questions instead of wondering how to date a bisexual person. Nevertheless, there’re specific details of bisexual women dating that are definitely worth considering if you’ve decided to attract a bi lady. Here are some of the most important things to memorize before you start to go out with your bisexual girlfriend.

1. Bisexuals do not prefer one sex over another

Many individuals who are bisexual, even those who eventually choose to marry, might change their sexual preferences depending on the way they feel. So, before entering a serious long-time romantic relationship with a bisexual woman, be prepared to accept her attraction to people of another gender — the same way straight people are attracted to individuals of one sex. Keep in mind that if that particular person is here dating you in the first place, they are definitely attracted to you as an individual.

2. Respect the bisexuality of the woman you're dating as part of her own identity

Most bisexuals tend to consider themselves to always be that way, no matter what kind of person they are currently dating. Thus, avoid suggesting that she is heterosexual if she’s in a relationship with straight you, or that she is lesbian if she is in a same-sex relationship.

3. Remember that bisexuals aren't “in transition”

Not so long time ago, being into more than one sex was flat out unacceptable. In the upshot, it sort of ruined the life for those people who were bisexual by birth. Luckily, that's not how it is today. Sure, some might transition that way, having realized they're into more than one gender — but others are pretty aware of themselves and know that they’ve always been bi.

4. Understand that bisexual people aren't promiscuous

These people are just like everyone else. The bi community still tends to be getting a poor rap for being oversexed in particular. However, a lot of that can be considered true: a lot of bisexuals out there have sex, like, casually. Notwithstanding, there are many straight people having casual sex as well. As you can see, bi individual is not any more or less likely to turn out to be monogamous than any other person.

how to date a bisexual woman5. Realize that bisexuals aren't untrustworthy

Many still believe that bisexual people aren't really self-aware, or even are immature and thus just can't be trusted. Well, in fact, none of those are true. Bisexuals make the same choices that heterosexuals make. With that, they didn't make one, though. They just happen to feel affection for both sexes.

6. Accept that they're just as likely to be monogamous

The ones who are considered to be bi are attracted to both genders, however, this doesn't anyhow mean they feel the need to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Just like the rest of us, the majority of bisexual people will still want to stay in a monogamous relationship. And when it finally comes to marriage, a bisexual woman might end up with a romantic partner of either gender.

Top 5 Best bisexual dating sites

We live in the age where gender identity is no longer as rough as it once was. Fortunately, there are so many questions people appear to be asking in order to pinpoint who they are and what they really like. That’s why these absolutely awesome bisexual dating apps and sites certainly don’t require you to come up with just one sexual preference. With these top 5 best apps catering to bi dating, you have the exclusive option of meeting hundreds of beautiful bisexual girls.

1. HER

This bi community dating app was created just for your needs. Some say this is the best bisexual people dating app around. The app itself lets you gain your own dating experience without anyone judging your choice. HER is even more than just a regular dating app. It makes a place where hundreds of bisexual women from all walks of life can end up in and find their true love. Moreover, it is also a space where you can make dozens of new friends. What’s even better, HER is 100% free to use with no annoying ads!

2. BiCupid

BiCupid is designed specifically for bisexuals and bi-curious daters. This bisexual women dating site helps your deepest desires finally come to life. The website is the world’s first and biggest dating platform catering to bisexual individuals, bisexual couples, and bi-curious singles. There are over 960,000 members looking forward to meeting their romantic partners. The site is free to join. You can sign up either with an email or via Facebook.

3. FindHrr

FindHrr is the perfect place where hundreds of wonderful bisexual ladies come around to get to know new people, whether to go out with or just to make friends. You can search for a match and also find best places nearby to meet up. The app allows you to look for ladies on the online map or by particular location. You can also search by many other filters, including age and relationship status. The dating app is totally free to join, so sign up right now and find the girl of your dreams!

4. City Bi

If you're searching for a fun and entirely safe way to find a bisexual date, you must try City Bi online dating resource catering bisexual women and couples. The service accepts whatever sexual preferences you may be into. Standard and Pro memberships at City Bi are pretty much similar to other dating sites. With a regular membership, you can create an online profile and upload up to 27 photos, search for potential matches with a broad selection of filters, and “wink” at those you’re interested in.

5. Bi People Meet

Bi People Meet looks exactly like any other bisexual women dating site available on the web. At the same time, its thousands of users speak volume about how simple and highly enjoyable finding the perfect match could be. With an ocean of dating services up and running at the moment, you may actually start to wonder what makes this particular one unique. Well, if you’re looking for some decent option to seal the deal, why not check Bi People Meet yourself? In any case, you certainly won’t regret it!

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I’ve already had experience with bisexual relationships. Of course, although there are some flaws (as in all kinds of relationships), threesome was the best sexual experience in my life!
12.02.2020 00:17
I’ve already had experience with bisexual relationships. Of course, although there are some flaws (as in all kinds of relationships), threesome was the best sexual experience in my life!
02.03.2020 10:28
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