How to Act When Your Girlfriend Gained Weight and It Bothers You

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Did you know that Americans are not only one of the richest people in the world, but also one of the biggest ones? Unfortunately, the term "big" in our case means obesity. Statistically speaking, approximately 160 million Americans suffer from problems caused by obesity. Almost half of our women are overweight. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most important reasons why men search for foreign women for online dating. But things are not that bad because people never get attracted to those whom they don't like, so if you are a little bit overweight, it doesn't mean that your partner is going to leave you. Remember, people in love are capable of everything together.

Unfortunately, things get way more complicated when it comes to couples in which one partner has just recently started gaining weight. In this case, the second partner may not be feeling attracted to the first one anymore. Most frequently, this problem concerns overweight girlfriends who used to be slim and started gaining weight relatively recently. When this happens, their boyfriends bomb the Internet with topics such as, "My girlfriend is gaining weight, and I don't know what to do!" or "I feel concerned because my girlfriend is getting fatter." Besides, girls often are even more concerned about this problem than boys because girls often don't understand what a man wants in a woman.

girlfriend gaining weight

Why Do Women Gain Weight: Main Reasons

Sadly, but there are many different reasons why women are gaining excess weight. You need to deal with each case individually since human bodies are very different, and don't forget that it’s no secret that genetics plays an important role in this matter. Thus, some women are getting fat faster than others. Remember, it is not selfish to let your girlfriend know that you are concerned with the fact that she has this problem. Explain to her that you still love her a lot, and her excess weight is potentially dangerous to her heath. If you see that your girlfriend's getting fat, you should take some immediate steps to help her deal with this problem. To help your woman cope with this situation, first, you need to understand the reasons why your girlfriend gaining weight.

1. Genetics

Today, people don't want to believe that there some genetic predispositions to obesity, but scientists from around the world are sure that genetics directly influences our weight, not without exceptions, of course. Pay attention to your girlfriend's mother: if she suffers from excessive weight, it may mean that your girlfriend will also have this problem.

2. She adopts your unhealthy eating habits

While you, all your life could eat very high-fat food, and it has never affected your weight, your girlfriend is a whole different story. Unfortunately, women tend to gain more weight than men, plus they may be more sensitive to some components and ingredients, such as salt, sugar, or milk. So, are you ready to give up an unhealthy diet if this is the reason why your girlfriend gets fat?

3. Pregnancy and childbirth

It is pretty normal for women to gain weight during or after pregnancy. Hence, if this is your case, then there is no one to blame apart from nature if your girlfriend tends to gain weight. As you may know during pregnancy, the woman’s body tries to accumulate the necessary reserves. The health of both the future mother and the child depends on this.

4. Depression

Practical observations show that overweight people have many reasons for anxiety and various psychological problems. To cope with all this anxiety and sadness, women often unconsciously choose mechanisms that also increase their body mass. This leads to the creation of a kind of vicious circle. A woman begins to worry, and gains excessive weight, then worries even more about gaining excess weight, and because of that gains even more weight.

5. Hormonal disorders and other health issues

Various health problems may lead to frequent use of hormonal medications. In turn, a lack of hormones, or, on the contrary, their excess, can lead to thyroid diseases and other disorders of the body. And taking various hormonal prescriptions also directly or indirectly affects weight gain.

my girlfriend is gaining weight6. Lack of physical activity

This reason is quite simple: the more a person moves, the easier it is for him or her to lose excess calories, and as a result, weight. Conversely, the absence of an active lifestyle and sports activities leads to faster weight gain. This is due to the fact that excess calories, in the absence of an active lifestyle, tend to turn into body fat.

Are Women More Likely to Gain Weight Than Men?

It is not a secret that men and women gain weight differently, but why? This happens because different factors affect weight gain in men and women. By and large, this is due to differences in the structures of organisms of both genders. Therefore, some differences are exclusively biological, while others are behavioral. That is, the point is not that women are more inclined to lead a sedentary lifestyle, while men actively play sports. Both men and women can be equally athletic or, on the contrary, prefer to spend time relaxing at home. The reason behind the greater tendency of women to gain weight lies in their genetic characteristics. Also, the emotional reactions of men and women to different life situations are different.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the metabolism in male organisms. On the other hand, the hormone estrogen controls many processes in women's bodies. Sadly, this hormone also often stimulates the processes of weight gain. Throughout life, every organism goes through some stages. In adolescence, we face the period of maturation. In youth, women also often have a period of pregnancy or several pregnancies. In adulthood, the female body changes due to the stage of menopause. And in all these periods, estrogen causes women to gain excess weight.

Pregnancy is another reason why women tend to gain weight. Due to natural reasons, before or during pregnancies, women always get fatter. During pregnancy, this happens because women have to feed their children, and after the pregnancy, female organisms need more nutrients to restore their resources and recover from pregnancies. Needless to say that men don't have this problem at all. Of course, some of us also gain weight when they suffer from phantom pregnancy. But this doesn't happen too often, so it doesn't count. Another interesting aspect of why pregnancy affects women's weight is that after giving birth, women often have maternity leave, during which they are less active.

Also, there is one more major reason why your girlfriend is getting fatter. This reason lies in the differences between male and female ways of dealing with stress. First of all, men are less emotional, and because of that, they don't suffer from emotional distress as women do. Thus, women tend to have more depressions and emotional concerns. In turn, women deal with depressions differently. While men usually try to keep everything inside, women try to resolve those problems by eating more. Of course, this approach makes them gain weight.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend She Has Gained Weight?

If you see that your girlfriend is getting fat and it bothers you, the worst thing you can do is to wait until this problem gets too big. You must realize that if she doesn't seem to suit your standards of attractiveness, and you can't find the common ground here, this may be very bad for your relationship. In some cases, you might be able to fix this problem, while in others, you won't be able to do a thing. Unfortunately, there is only one way to know which case is yours for sure: you need to have a serious conversation about this. So, how to tell your girlfriend she's fat without insulting her?

First of all, you need to understand that no matter how softly you will put this, this will hurt your partner. You will have to deal with this because the time is your enemy now. The more you wait, the more problems you will have in the future. Don't wait until all your attraction completely disappears, approach her and try to gently explain your concerns. Generally, the best way to do this is to gently give her some hints, but this approach has its problems. Firstly, this is not an open conversation, and, secondly, your girlfriend might not see this as a problem.

With this being said, let's get to the main rules of telling your girlfriend that she has gained fat. First and foremost, don't approach this matter as a problem, or she will have depression after your conversation. Another important fact is that, before having a conversation with her, you need to analyze her behavior. Maybe she has some problems with self-esteem, and she deals with this stress with food. Or maybe, she has changed her nutrition because of you, and all that you need to do to fix this is just to help her change it back.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Gets Fat

Note, girls need to pay much more effort than men to lose weight. Thus, losing weight may become a real challenge for them. Also, girls are very insightful and attentive. For this reason, your girlfriend will easily notice that you want to make her lose weight. So, your wrong approach to this problem may lead to quarrels and negative emotions. Your girlfriend might think that you don't love her anymore and treat this with certain aggression. Or, on the contrary, she will begin to start to worry that you don't like her as much as you used to. This is due to the difference between female and male judgments. For example, when a woman tells a man that he has gained excess weight, he is unlikely to be very offended by this. But a woman can respond to the same phrase in a completely different way. You should proceed with extreme caution when you want to tell your girlfriend that she has gained weight. Here are some bits of advice on what to do when your girlfriend gets fat.

my girlfriend is getting fat and I love it1. Be subtle about it

The worst thing a man can do when he wants to make a woman lose weight and not ruin the relationship with her is to say it bluntly. As we've mentioned earlier, women react to such comments in a completely different way. She can get angry or upset, or even all together at the same time. Yes, it may serve as a motivation for her, but will you be satisfied if your woman begins to sharply limit herself in everything, and at the same time, constantly remains in an anxious state?

2. Proper nutrition

It's no secret that proper nutrition is the basis of many weight-loss diets. To help your woman get rid of extra pounds, you can create the right diet. The main thing is not to show that you have become infected with this idea, purely because you want to help her lose weight. Create the feeling that it is you who needs this diet, and it is she who helps and supports you. In this case, she won't see any catch in this idea, and likely, she will happily support you.

3. Work out

Work out is another basis of many methods of losing weight. In this case, the principle is the same as with proper nutrition. Invite your girlfriend to do sports together. To justify your new desire, you can refer to its benefits to health, or you may say that you are in search of a common hobby. The result will be positive in any case, and you both will become much more athletic and active, and she will throw off those extra pounds that bother you so much.

4. Motivate her

Motivation is crucial when it comes to any activities that require physical or emotional efforts. But how to motivate a woman to lose weight if you cannot speak directly? There are a lot of ways, but to do this as unobtrusively as possible, you can start by watching some motivational videos together. Those can be films about athletes or shows about weight loss. Many such shows are also full of humor, so your woman is likely to like it, and at the same time, this will make her think about her physical conditions.

5. Avoid deadlines

If your woman calmly reacted to your desire and started working on her body, you shouldn't expect that she will improve her conditions in a week. Losing weight is a long and complicated process. This is why you should never set deadlines for her. If you decide to gently hint a woman about your desire, you need to be patient before she notices this and starts working on herself. And then show even more patience before she reaches the result you are counting on.

My Girlfriend Is Getting Fat, and I Love It

At the same time, some enjoy it when their girlfriend gain weight. Sometimes you may see on forums in which people share their experience and happiness of living with an overweight girlfriend. Try searching those by names "My girlfriend getting fatter, and I like it" or "My girlfriend is getting fat, and I love it." There you may find some great examples and tips on how to restore your attraction to your girlfriend. After all, our bodies are just biological exoskeletons for our souls. If you don't believe in souls, then you need to know that, in healthy relationships, people love each other not only for perfect physical conditions, actually, in fact, those should never matter.

Because, with enough effort, you can change your body the way you want, but you will never be able to change your personality. Thus, even if you see that your girlfriend, for some reason is getting fat, it should never be the reason for a possible breakup.

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My girlfriend has got a little fat, and it starts to bother me. Thanks for your advice! I will try to motivate her to engage in sports activities together with me.
12.02.2020 01:07
My girlfriend has got a little fat, and it starts to bother me. Thanks for your advice! I will try to motivate her to engage in sports activities together with me.
02.03.2020 11:30
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