5 Signs Your Ex Is Over You Completely (and When She Is Pretending)

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Despite the firm conviction that it is impossible to return the past, sometimes life proves the opposite, drawing ex-loving couples together once again as if giving them a second chance. Many men cannot specify whether a former girlfriend still loves them and whether it is worth taking this chance and reviving past feelings. How to know if your ex-girlfriend is over you? What are the signs your ex-girlfriend is pretending to be over you? Let's figure it out!

signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you

Is a Break-Up Always an End?

If before a break-up, a man and a woman sought to maintain a slim tether of connection and convinced themselves that they needed each other – there is a high probability of their reunion. When there is a place for emotions (even negative ones) in a relationship, it does not speak about indifference and insincere feelings. Also, the renewal of relationships is possible if a strong and loving couple broke-up on an absurd and frivolous occasion. Then, the partners understand that they were mistaken, and the reason for their misunderstandings is not so great to put an end to their relationship forever.

A break-up has its own nature. If it happened at the will of a woman, it is important to understand that the fair sex often makes such decisions in a fit of emotions. In most cases, a man just needs to calm his beloved one down and prove to her (with actions or words) that she is the most important person in his life. It works well even in single woman dating.

With guys, everything is more complicated – they make decisions about a break-up deliberately and carefully. If a man acts so, then there were good reasons for that. Thus, it is not easy for ladies to return their partners. It may take a lot of patience and effort to achieve the desired.

The Main Signs That She Is Over You

Many men try to renew a romantic relationship with an ex-girlfriend after the break-up, but often they face a setback. All attempts to restore the former love turn out to be ineffectual if a woman is completely over a guy. Are you in doubt, “Is she over me for good or the renewal of our relationship is still possible?” Then, the following information is for your special benefit! Have a look at 5 clear signs she's over you.

She restored her dating app accounts

If your ex-girlfriend has restored her dating app accounts, it can mean only one thing – she has decided to look for someone to build a new romantic relationship. Of course, you can try to get her back, but you are unlikely to succeed since her presence among singles girls online and activity in dating applications are one of the signs the ex-girlfriend is over you and is ready to start a new life.

signs she's over youShe wants to return all her belongings left in your place

Often, it is difficult to take away all the things from the house of a loved one after a break-up. A girl does not return all her belongings left in your place if she knows that this is not the end of the relationship. Moreover, she can use this as a reason to call, write to you, or somehow start a conversation. But if a girl takes all her things away, be sure this is one of the most accurate signs your ex-girlfriend is over you.

She blocked you everywhere on social media

If a girl blocks you on all social networks, this means that she no longer wants you to contact her. It can be perceived as one of the signs the ex-girlfriend has moved on. She can even change her phone number to make sure that you definitely cannot contact her in any way. If this happens to you, respect the decision of your ex-girlfriend and stop looking for ways to engage in communication with her.

She is in a new relationship

This is the most obvious sign of how to tell she is over you. If you find out that your ex-girlfriend started a new relationship and at the same time, she does not hide it from you and looks happy, then this means she no longer loves you, and you have no chance to renew the relationship. Just make up your mind to it. It's time to let the ex-girlfriend go her way and start a new romantic relationship with another person.

Her friends ignore you

Previously, her friends enjoyed talking with you and spoke well about you, but now, they completely ignore you? It means that they know about your break-up and that your relationship will never be renewed. That is, they no longer see the point in communication with you. Moreover, this applies not only to friends but also to the girl’s relatives. If her close people have stopped communicating with you, this is one of the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

How to Know She Is Pretending to Be Over You

Male and female particular qualities are different from each other. Therefore, for many representatives of the stronger sex, it is difficult to understand women’s nature and the purpose of some of their actions. So, let’s consider 5 sure signs that your ex-girlfriend is just pretending to be over you.

1. Constant calls and SMS

A girl never calls first when she's over you. So, the first sign that will help you understand that your ex-girlfriend is pretending to be over you is her attempts to communicate and somehow remind you about herself. Yes, sometimes communication after a break-up can be a banal necessity, but if the ex-girlfriend constantly looks for an occasion to chat with you, it suggests that you are still a part of her life, even after the break-up. Of course, one call or message per month is not a reason to think so. But if the calls or SMS are very frequent and at the same time, you do not show any initiative, then this is a clear sign that she still loves you.

2. She is still single

If your ex-girlfriend still loves you, then it is likely that she will avoid new acquaintances with the opposite sex at least for a while. And even if she went out on dates with someone, she tries to hide it from you just so as not to harm your relationship. One of the reasons why your ex wants you to find out about her status of a “single” is that she still hopes for a renewal of your romantic relationship.

3. She keeps track of your life

When a girl misses you, she is interested in your life, even if you are not nearby. Moreover, it is not so difficult to keep track of your life thanks to social networks. Therefore, if you have not seen each other for a long time, and at a meeting, it turns out that your ex-girlfriend knows everything about your affairs, do not be surprised. It is better to think about whether you want her back because she wants this.

4. Signs on social networks

After a break-up, women like to assume an air of mystery. Some listen to sad songs, others watch romantic movies or read sentimental stories. If you meet such things on your ex-girlfriend's profile page in social networks, then this is a clear sign that she thinks of you. But if your ex behaves unusually for her, for example, shares a huge amount of photos, then it may signify she is just pretending to be over you.how to tell she is over you

5. Frequent casual encounters

How often do you come across your ex-girlfriend purely by chance and completely unexpectedly? And has it ever happened during your relationship? If the answer is “no,” then your ex appears in these places only because she knows that she can find you there, and such “accidental” meetings were planned. It suggests that she still thinks about you and only pretends that her feelings have faded away. This is one of the most obvious signs she will come back to you.

Should I Try to Get Her Back in this Case?

Sometimes relationships lead a couple to pursue dead ends. Constant conflicts and misunderstanding provoke a break-up. But very often, after the end of a romantic relationship, a man has a strong desire to achieve reconcilement with an ex-girlfriend and become a couple again, especially if the man sees no signs she has moved on and the woman does not mind renewing the relationship. But is it worth it?

If you broke up with a woman, even though everything went well in your relationship, and in these latter days, both of you are thinking that the renewal is possible, then you should check your feelings once again before deciding to return relationships. What drives you this time? Is it frustration and loneliness? Or is it a real deep feeling that has been proven both by past relationships and current elongated separation?

Analyze why you had conflicts and discuss all the conditions under which you will no longer quarrel and take offense at each other. If you both want to renew the unfinished relationship and correct the mistakes of the past, then it is worth trying to start all over again. After all, any romantic relationship involves mutual concessions, and real happiness comes only when two people consciously strive to make better not only their own lives but the life of a loved one.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have cognizance of how to know if she is really done with you or that your ex-girlfriend is just pretending to be over you. If you feel that this is exactly your soulmate and you realize that her love has not passed yet, then it makes sense to fight for your relationship. After all, all problems can be solved if you discuss them with a loved one. True love is definitely worth it! Good luck!

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