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  • 03.07.2018 How to Tell If There's Chemistry Between Two People
    Have you ever heard the phrase “Oh, it seems like those two lovebirds have crazy chemistry” or “These actors have a good chemistry together, I ship them so hard”. What is this magical word? How it reflects on peoples’ relationships?
  • 04.04.2018 How to Start Loving Yourself: the Guide for a Modern Man
    You’d think that there’s nothing simpler than loving yourself. What can be more important and pleasant? But quite often people just can’t find enough strength to do it. Why can’t we cherish ourselves? Well, someone is constantly trying to find flaws in his character, some dream of being prettier, and others just take people’s opinion too close to heart.
  • 02.04.2018 15 Romantic Things to Do in a Relationship
    When you are at the early stages of your relationship, you think that being romantic is no big deal. But the time passes, and the romantic atmosphere starts to fade. During this period, you may get the feeling that you are on the verge of a breakup. In order to help you, we've collected the romantic things to say to and to do for your girlfriend.
  • 27.02.2018 Most Important Relationship Questions for Couples
    How do you and your partner react to stress and resolve conflicts? What’s your attitude towards financial management, sex, and religion? You don’t even know, do you? It's time to find out the answers to these and other questions if you’re planning to build a healthy and strong relationship.
  • 26.02.2018 Top 11 Oral Sex Tips for Men
    Sexologists say that cunnilingus is not something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it’s an intimate gesture of love that characterizes a man in a positive way. Besides, the degree of mastering the technique of delivering sexual pleasure shows how experienced a lover is.
  • 27.12.2017 Common and Strange Sexual Fetishes
    No one can surely say why so many people choose fetishes, but a great deal of the speculation claims that it can be a result of some most pleasant childhood memories and experiences that human brain has intuitively come to connect with physical pleasure.
  • 26.12.2017 How to Ask a Shy Girl Out on a Date
    When women realize their attractiveness, they rarely show modesty or excitement in the presence of the opposite sex. But many men like quiet, shy, and slightly unconfident girls who feel uncomfortable being in the center of attention. It is extremely difficult to approach such girls because they immediately start defending themselves. However, some our tips can help you.
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